407. The Sounds of Nature…

Roberto Cavalli407. The Sounds of Nature…

Nature has its own characteristic sounds… a great soundtrack composed of a myriad sounds that are performed by exceptional musicians…

When I’m at Cavalli Island I like to listen to the sound of nature. Far away from the sound pollution of the modern era it is a pleasure to be gently pampered.  The breeze rustles the leaves accompanied by the sound of water rippling over the smooth stones of a nearby stream.  Sounds of mysterious and invisible animals can be heard launching their appeals…

The contrast with the sounds of a metropolis is immediate… here there are no sounds of cars, sirens of emergency vehicles… sounds so different, not necessarily unpleasant but different.  Do not get me wrong, I love the sounds of a big city, they represent vitality.  Millions of people every day create, love and work with the rhythms that punctuate their lives…

Here the pace is different… here I have discovered that you can slow down the flow of time!  The clock hands move at the same speed, but the perception is different.  Here nature governs the rhythms of life, not man!

The other night I left the window slightly ajar and the patter of a gentle rain created a magical background… I fell asleep with a smile…

Lupo has found his natural environment here at Cavalli Island… he’s like a kid in a toy shop!  It’s funny to look at him when he stops and directs his ears to sounds that to me seem non existent… or when, during our morning walk, he suddenly becomes aware of a new scent which draws him away… Lupooo, come on, let’s go…!

Sweden is a magical place… and at Cavalli Island I can relax and let my thoughts organize themselves… I love the excesses, the glamor, the hectic life… but here I have discovered a new dimension to life.


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  1. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    Provo le stesse sensazioni quando torno a casa dai miei genitori… Nel mio paese, che si trova in Calabria, mi soffermo a guardare il mare, l’orizzonte, il sole che sorge dietro al castello arroccato, il cinguettìo delle rondini che fanno capolino sotto la grondaia.
    E poi resto inebriata dal pungente profumo del bergamotto, delle arance rosse d’inverno. Ricordo mia nonna le mani spolverate di farina intenta a preparare la pasta fatta in casa per tutti noi. Sono questi i valori autentici, i sapori della vita ai quali non dovremmo mai rinunciare. E’ la nostalgia di luoghi e tempi passati che tende a far apparire tutto più magico, assolutamente bello e indelebile.


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