408. Cavalli Island, Florence, Las Vegas…

Roberto Cavalli408. Cavalli Island, Florence, Las Vegas…

I left Cavalli Island for a quick trip to Florence and then took a flight to Las Vegas!

Cavalli Island, Florence, Las Vegas. What is common to these three places? The common denominator is the pleasure of discovering and rediscovering the beauty of our planet…

Cavalli Island is a haven of peace where you are in close contact with an enchanted Nature.  You are in a different world where you rediscover the pleasure of long silences and long walks… where you look inwardly and rediscover yourself.  Cavalli Island is a gift of Nature…

Florence is Art. Florence is the beginning of modern culture. Florence is the Renaissance, a physical and spiritual re-birth, the pursuit of beauty in all its possible forms.  Florence is inspiration and creativity.  Florence is the source of everything… Florence is home.  Strolling along the streets of Florence is like traveling in time… if you half close your eyes you can experience that medieval magic the sounds and smells of the Renaissance… then when you open them again you realize that here time has never passed…

Las Vegas is the city of fun, a city of toys for adults… Las Vegas is the city of excess, everything is double, triple and even more. It attracts wit, quick-wittedness and focus… a place where people understand the odds!  I like its lights, its colours, the fact that here nobody watches the clock… it is always the right time and right time is now. Las Vegas is a world apart… everything is possible here, everything is allowed… because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

I’m here for a few days for the pleasure of meeting some dear friends and savouring the pleasures of excess! You know my little passion for having a little flutter.  Here I like to alternate moments of complete relaxation with a rendezvous at the gaming tables.  I like the risk, I like to feel the adrenaline entering the bloodstream… The balance at the end always seems even.  Sometimes I win and others I lose, but I am able to console myself with the thought that I’m lucky in Love!!!

Un grande abbraccio…


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Las Vegas - The view from my Hotel Room

Las Vegas – The view from my Hotel Room

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