409. Las Vegas… City of Excesses…

Roberto Cavalli409. Las Vegas… City of Excesses…

If you have never visited Las Vegas you cannot possibly imagine the atmosphere here.

Las Vegas is in some ways almost indescribable… in that it is unlike anywhere else… anything can happen here… everything is permitted… excesses are the norm…!

In Las Vegas you can experience the thrill of diving into a tank and swimming with the sharks or driving the fastest and most expensive cars on a track without speed limits…

Casinos are one of the main attractions in Las Vegas. Here there are no limits on bets and it is not unusual to witness wins and losses with six zero’s…

Las Vegas is also home to many top level shows with world class artists.  Performances are repeated in a continuous cycle for the entertainment of millions of visitors who choose Las Vegas for their holidays.

It is said that New York is the city that never sleeps, but here in Las Vegas days last 24 hours… you can decide to go to the grocery store at two in the morning and then head to the gym.  If you then feel a little peckish you can choose one of the many gourmet restaurants that are always open and taste their specialties which are original dishes from all over the world!

One place that I can really recommend is Fizz.  Fizz is an interesting Champagne Lounge Bar concept.  Located inside Caesars Palace, Fizz will captivate you with an exclusive selection of Champagne, cocktails and the exclusive Roberto Cavalli Vodka!

My short stay in this amazing city is over and it is already time to pack my suitcase.

Thanks Las Vegas and thanks to all the friends with whom I enjoyed so many delightful moments.  In my wanderings around the world I have learned that Home is where your friends are…

Un grosso bacino…


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  1. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    Purtroppo ancora non ho potuto visitare Las Vegas ma mi piacerebbe tanto. New York invece mi è rimasta nel cuore!! Più che altro la vivacità, l’arte contemporanea, il fatto che amino gli italiani e apprezzino la nostra manifattura. In pieno centro a Manhattan c’erano esposti dei bellissimi orecchini di diamanti realizzati a mano da un’oreficeria di Firenze (Ponte Vecchio) e quando entrai in hotel al New York Palace, sulla scrivania trovai una rivista e sulla copertina il Duomo di Firenze! Per un momento ho pensato di essere a casa. Il quartiere che mi è piaciuto di più sicuramente Broadway, con gli artisti di strada: attori, ballerini, di tutto di più!! Adoro la città dalle mille luci!

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