412. Fashion is Colour, Life is Colour…

Roberto and Robert Cavalli412. Fashion is Colour, Life is Colour…

We left Florence for a short holiday in the Maldives.
After about six hours flying time we arrived in Dubai.  A brief stop, before leaving to discover the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

To celebrate Robert’s birthday I decided to introduce him to these remote but exotic islands, their peoples, their shimmering colours…

I know it’s obvious, but let me say… children grow up too fast… Robert has become a man but it seems like only yesterday he was still a child and we spent our first Christmas in New York together.

Robert now lives and studies in London, I am very proud of him! His artistic talent, inherited from Mom and Dad, is brilliant… you should see how he designed his apartment in London… so much taste and creativity…

My life has always been inspired by colours, the colours of my native Florence, from the light yellow buildings with red tile roofs to the white, white marble of Carrara… the colours of the Tuscan countryside that change subtly but strikingly with the seasons, creating their own colour palettes in the manner of beautiful paintings.

My travels have taken me around the world where I discovered how man over the centuries has learned to mimic nature by creating fantastic combinations of colours… India, China, Bali are just some of the places which continue to inspire me…

The latest discovery, in chronological order, is the Indian Ocean and in particular the archipelago of the Maldives.  Here I found a very special people living simply in intimate contact with nature and the surrounding ocean.  A beautiful untouched nature that governs the rhythms of life and creates the atmosphere of a paradise on earth!

In these islands colours play an important role, giving you a sense of being immersed in a vibrant yet fragile dimension.  They breathe new life into us and give us a joie de vivre…

I wanted to share this fantasy of colours with you and Robert…

Happy birthday Robert!


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  1. michelle Yan
    michelle Yan says:

    it is so happy to read your heart about the nature and colours again , dear colour master Roberto , you love your son Robert and the beautiful nature so much and I love you and your designs so so so heartily , yes time flies so quickly but your are forever young and energetic as a real artist ! hope you can visit my hometown Chengdu China , here in Chengdu the sweet Pandas will be waitinf for you with me and all your fans ! your new Perfume Paradiso has brought me the Miditeranean sea flavour , thank you and your wife Eva for your creativity .


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