417. Passion, Perseverance, Love…

Roberto Cavalli417. Passion, Perseverance, Love…

February is a special month. It contains within it a special birthday… this year I wanted to celebrate this special occasion at Cavalli Island.

The lake in which the Island is situated is now completely frozen. No longer do you need a boat to reach the mainland.  You can safely walk or take the Hovercraft and go “flying over” the icy surface covered with snow.

Here at Cavalli Island we have a “full house” with no more beds available. I look forward to Spring when I can get organized and build additional housing for my dear family, friends and guests…

After so many years I have finally managed to find the time to ride a horse again… it is a wonderful feeling.  I missed it…

I would like to reply to many of you who have written to me asking for advice…

The secret of your success will lie in three simple words: Passion, Perseverance and Love.

Passion will be your guide. Passion will help you figure out which is the best way to reach your inner heart…

Perseverance will allow you to overcome any obstacle, the moments of despair, the difficulties and failures that inevitably will be the companions of your journey.

Love is above everything. Love for Creation. Love of who will be at your side, always, unconditionally.

My long adventure into the world of Fashion has been full of successes but also some not so easy moments that I survived thanks to Passion, Perseverance and Love.

It seems only yesterday the 1966 flood in Florence destroyed everything. Florence was covered in mud… centuries of history, precious manuscripts and priceless works of art were irreparably damaged.

My factory was completely flooded, the fabrics, the colours… I lost everything but my Passion… I rolled up my sleeves and with my proverbial Perseverance and help from friends and colleagues I started from scratch, again.

The difficulties sometimes seem to be insurmountable mountains. Often just a different point of view, a different perspective, are sufficient to overcome the momentary impasse.

Love is the great engine of our existence. Love always allows us to see a bit farther.

Love completes us.


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