426. Discovering Sweden…

Roberto Cavalli @ Cavalli Island426. Discovering Sweden…

With the arrival of Spring and milder temperatures, the ice surrounding Cavalli Island has melted. The landscape comes to life dressed in the colours of Spring and you begin to glimpse the many animals who are waking up from their winter hibernation.

This is the ideal time to get to know and make friends with the neighbours and discover the beauties of Lake Malaren which stretches for 1140 km square with a length of 120 km from west to east.

Cavalli Island is surrounded by the beautiful Scandinavian scenery. Here the pace of life is very relaxing and peaceful… you are in direct contact with uncontaminated nature with its traditional, seasonal shapes and colours.

One of my favourite activities is to explore the small towns on the lake, to discover those precious shops which sell the very Swedish products with which I like to prepare special dishes for my guests to taste with great curiosity and enjoyment…

I confess that I still cannot help but do without some of my favourite Tuscan products, charcuteries and cheeses in particular, but I tend to combine and then experiment with a fusion of Tuscan/Swedish cuisine…!

The real fun comes on the weekends… on Saturday and Sunday mornings I love to go and slowly make my way through the local crafts markets… there you can find anything and everything… it is like going back to my childhood and yet discovering new territories and possibilities.

I even found a pair of cowboy boots in the Cavalli style… I liked them very much and bought them, to the amazement of the vendor when he found out who I was…

I love the simple things… a simple life… those simple emotions which make our life so wonderful…

Often happiness is knocking at the door.  Just open the door and let the happiness in!


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Roberto Cavalli - Cavalli Island

Roberto Cavalli - Cavalli Island

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  1. maria grazia
    maria grazia says:

    Sign. Roberto vedo che le piacciono i motocicli
    quest’anno guarda caso ci sará a St.Tropez il raduno Mondiale della Vespa
    se he nelle vicinanze ci farebbe piacere accoglierla nel Club… é magari farci un giretto in Vespa…dal 2.06-al 5.06 saremo lí.

    Con Tanto Affetto <3
    Marí 😀

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