429. Tests of Summer…

BZODIAC429. Tests of Summer…

A fast flight in the helicopter to transfer from Monaco to Sardinia.

I want to check the maintenance work on the Bat-Zodiac.  Summer is here and this year I want to discover the Mediterranean again!

The SNO Yachts shipyard in Olbia took care of the Bat-Zodiac lovingly and very professionally.  Every boat needs careful maintenance. The Bat-Zodiac, with its hydro jets propulsion system and its particular construction, is like a high performance, thoroughbred sports car.

And as in the case of a sports car, to get the maximum performance, everything must be perfectly aligned and meet specifications. Including the sophisticated on-board computer systems which allow you to have all of the boat and navigation data at your fingertips at a glance.

There is a special bond between the Mediterranean Sea and me.  Every time I return to the boat I feel happy: a feeling of calm and peace takes over everything…

I put myself at the helm, turn on the engines and suddenly I feel at home… it’s been almost a year since the last time I set sail and I feel as though time has stood still since then….

The reassuring roar of the two engines reminds me of two foals prancing before a race…

Today is a perfect day, the sea is calm, a gentle breeze makes the heat of the sun a pleasant caress.

I leave the port and head out to sea… the boat responds perfectly to my commands, to my touch… navigation is pleasant and I decide to push the engines to the maximum… the feeling is strong… the hull is lifted from the water… a sudden force propels the Bat-zodiac forward… I’m literally “flying”, planing over the surface of the water!

I suddenly turn and the Bat-zodiac responds to my commands in a precise way, like a colt that can perceive and anticipate the demands of the jockey…

I am thrilled, I am alive!  I cannot wait to start another adventure in the Mediterranean…

Un abbraccio…


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Bat Gommone Front

Bat Gommone side 2



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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Capisco il Suo amore per il Mediterraneo, Sgr. Cavalli: è molto bello, calmato, e non è un mare traditore. A tutti ci affascina. Buona fortuna nel Suo periplo 2016! Saluti

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