434. The lab lights were almost always on…

instagram-rc-it434. The lab lights were almost always on…

I like to remember my beginning… I was making big progress in my job. I had invented an absolutely innovative, different way to print.

Knitwear factories called me, “Your idea is great and we’re very interested in it”. So, I was welcomed by companies. I was proud of myself and of my small printing factory. Up to then, you could only print metres of canvas. My invention consisted in printing single garments. I laid them down on my table and fixed them with pins. By so doing, I could print them as I liked most. The drawings were printed around necks, on sleeves, on the back without being interrupted along shoulders or seam lines: creativity had got unleashed!

It was a new alternative method, different from the usual ones on the market. I also offered knitwear factories to give me their unsold stocks: I had them unstitched and I printed them in an unusual way. The consequence of this idea was to be the garment dyeing: an idea many manufacturers would take advantage of at a later time. Only my will to learn, not to surrender to any difficulty, had lead me to this invention. Knitwear was an unknown world to me.

The enthusiasm of my clients was my strength. I introduced myself to them as a professional, I suggested drawings and colours. I was young and resourceful – and mad, probably! But mine was the typical youth madness that makes you think you can do anything.

I was the boss, the accountant, the receptionist, and the worker… I changed my voice and played the role. I received many orders and didn’t always deliver perfect items but the idea was great and this made them turn a blind eye on quality. It was art in the end!

I spent the night creating new drawings to offer, finding a way to change colours, introducing prints in an innovative way. I couldn’t stop. In the middle of the night, to forget I was exhausted and my eyes were soaring, I sometimes thought every jumper was worth one thousand liras. I could earn more easily now and the more I worked, the more I earned. The lab lights were almost always on…

To be continued…


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  1. miluca
    miluca says:

    Siempre me gustan tus historias , las escriba quien las escriba. Me gusta lo que haces pero sin duda lo que más me gusta son tus print . Me encararía visitar ti estudio de tintada . Yo empiezo el martes mis clases de tintada textil .

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