446. Citizens of the World

446. Citizens of the World.

I was always ahead of my time…

I have always applied the new technologies to the fashion world. When the powerful computers that we use today were still a dream I remember I used one of the first colour copiers to enlarge, enhance and create effects in the photos I had taken around the world. In this way I was able to create patterns and colour effects which I then transferred to the silk, leather and other fabrics that then became the dream dresses that have always been my signature, the image of my fashion.

In the more than fifty years I have dedicated to fashion I witnessed a complete transformation in the creation process and in the way of doing business. We can summarize this simply as the evolution from the Analog to the Digital world.

Everything has changed, everything has been transformed. This great transformation has had a dramatic effect on the way we live, do business, conduct politics, create, give life to our projects and realize our dreams.

The very fact that I’m here in front of my computer able to write to all of you and then read your comments is something that continue to surprise me to this very day.  It fascinates me…

The impact of the digital world on fashion continues to be important. The Internet has contributed to the instantaneous spreading of news.  It gives people the opportunity to find the information they need. Suddenly through the Internet young designers have the ability to publish their own designs, to find suppliers of raw materials, to sell their creations around the planet with a very minimal investment.

Professions that once required a lifetime’s effort to be successful have suddenly become accessible to everyone.  Product cycles have shrunk.  Writers, directors, actors, photographers, designers, musicians have become famous thanks to the Internet and the transformation of our lives from Analog to Digital. We now live in a many-to-many world. New ideas spread at the speed of light.

This is a great opportunity that is now offered and available to all of you! Procrastinate Not!!! Embrace this change, give voice to your creativity. Be proactive in this Digital age, become a Citizens of the World!


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  1. Fulvio Landini
    Fulvio Landini says:

    Ciao Cavalli (….. e ciuchi!!!, ricordi?) Complimenti per il webmaster, tienilo di conto. Spero che tu e tutte le tue famiglie stiano bene, siamo ambedue entrati nei 77 e non sono pochi, ma non ci lamentiamo. Non so se mai leggerai questo mio messaggio ma spero di sì. In vita mia ho avuto pochissimi veri amici, pochi davvero, forse due o tre e fra questi in testa ci sei tu senza ombra di dubbio. Un caro e sincero abbraccio dal Sud della California, Fulvio

  2. Michell Yan
    Michell Yan says:

    anytime anywhere , I will love your art design , my dear master Roberto Cavalli, welcome you to come to travell in my city Chengdu , here you can embrace the lovely Pandas because Pandas come from my home Chengdu , Sichuan Province. wish you always healthy and energetic , you are always young in my heart …Michell Yan from Chengdu,

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