49. Congratulations Ms. Sozzani!

Roberto Cavalli and Afef Jnifen

Roberto Cavalli and Afef Jnifen

49. Congratulations Ms. Sozzani!
Franca Sozzani is the editor of Vogue Italy. Today, March 14, she was honored by the President of the French Republic with the “Chevalier de Legion d’Honneur”. It is a major award given, in this case, for an outstanding contribution to the World of Fashion!

I had the honor of having been personally invited by Franca Sozzani. At the ceremony the medal presentation was made by President Sarkozy. The ceremony was preceded by a dinner hosted by the Italian Ambassador in the beautiful Italian Embassy in Paris. It was attended by Italian and foreign designers who offered praise on a special day to a special woman! We spent an hour in greetings, photos and interviews.

Luncheon was served in a salon ornamented with frescoes, gilded frames and windows through which we had a view of the magnificent park that surrounds the Embassy.

A central table for Franca Sozzani and at her side the Italian Ambassador and the president of Conde Nast.
The seats were assigned and I was lucky enough to be near a person whom I really admire – one of the greatest photographers in the world – Peter Lindbergh.

The luncheon was interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. The fashion world people intrigued me… I looked around… almost as if this world were not my own… I sometimes feel alien to it… why, I do not know… perhaps because I try to avoid its jealousy and gossip…

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Time to go home to change… dark jacket, dark shirt with black tie… Very elegant! With all this black my hair looks whiter!

Back in the car for the ride to the Élysée Palace. I do not hide the fact that I felt somewhat emotional. The residence of the President of the French Republic had opened its gates to me at last. I had always admired it from the outside, now I can finally visit and shake hands with President Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni.

All the rooms were large Louis XV style. I enjoyed admiring the various ornaments on the framing the salons. The excitement increased and then, after a long presentation speech the President honored Franca Sozzani with the beautiful medal.

After the ceremony, we all rushed to shake hands and kiss Franca. At that moment I wanted to be alone with her, hug her and express my great esteem and friendship.
Well, a long day but very very interesting.

Un bacino a tutti…
Roberto Cavalli

Eva Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli - Suzy Menkes - Renzo Rosso - Karl Lagerfeld - Franca sozzani - Domenico Dolce - Afef Jnifen - Marco Tronchetti Provera - Lapo Elkann - Matteo Marzotto - Angela Missoni

Eva Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli - Suzy Menkes - Renzo Rosso - Karl Lagerfeld - Franca Sozzani - Domenico Dolce - Afef Jnifen - Marco Tronchetti Provera - Lapo Elkann - Matteo Marzotto - Angela Missoni

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    È vero, tante persone interessantissime insieme – Franca Sozzani, Suzy Menkes, Karl Lagerfeld… Sono andata a leggere il blog di Franca Sozzani, i tweets di Karl Lagerfeld, una microbiografia di Suzy Menkes… Forse é arrivato il momento di scoprire per che cosa é famoso Lapo Elkann?:))) Con Google e Wikipedia ci vorranno solo secondi… Ma no, non importa..:)))

    Ieri ho fatto una cosa molto esotica (per me) – sono andata a vedere una partita di rugby! non mi interessa per niente, ma ho accettato l’invito molto volentieri – mi sembrava una cosa molto rilassante, il posto perfetto per spegnere il cervello:)))) Durante la partita mi divertivo immaginando una decina dei migliori stilisti italiani contro una decina dei migliori stilisti francesi che corrono in giacca e cravatta dietro una palla di cocodrillo nero… L’allenatore italiano sarebbe Franca Sozzani:)))) Perché sto scrivendo questa cosa stupida qui? Perché vorrei sapere… Signor Cavalli, secondo LEI, chi sono i 10 migliori stilisti italiani del momento? E quali sono i criteri (oltre al guadagno materiale)? E poi vorrei sapere anche in quale momento e dopo quale evento LEI ha pensato di essere arrivato tra i piú grandi?

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto !!
    E complimenti a Franca per l’onorificenza ricuveta!! Non credo che un riconoscimento del genere venga dato a “cuor leggero”.
    Certo che ne vivi di cose….accipicchia!
    Una vita veramente piena….e degna di essere vissuta! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio!



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