54. Lupo, Enough! Please Let Me Sleep a Little Bit More…

Roberto Cavalli and Rachele Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli and Rachele Cavalli

54. Lupo, enough! Please let me sleep a little bit more…

Lupo has jumped on the bed and is licking my face all over… you may not find that appealing, even disgusting! Not so for me… Lupo is like a baby to me… and anyway after a shower I shall be like new…

Now I’m awake I have to get up. Some criticize the descriptions of my early morning routine. They say I should keep them to myself! I disagree, I like to be simple and realistic!

Before I leave I spend few minutes on the computer and read the latest news on the “The Republic” website, politics… sports… gossip…
I check the layout of my last article on the blog and wait for Rachele to come and pick me up after she has taken Maria Eva to the kindergarten.

Rachele is my daughter, beautiful and sweet. Mom of two beautiful girls and pregnant with her third child! Rachele prepares a coffee for me before we leave together for the “Company”.

I love this little twenty-five minutes trip that takes us from South Florence to the Florence North highway exit, where the Roberto Cavalli offices are.
I like to spend this half hour with Rachele, to feel her affection. We talk a little bit about everything. She likes to talk about her children, how many times they get up in the night and the good dinner the night before with Joseph, her husband.

We also talk about work, but it is not the main topic. I love to see her smile… she is beautiful, especially so now that she is expecting a baby. I tell her a hundred times to drive carefully. Her pregnant tummy touches the steering wheel and I cannot keep my eyes off her!

Roberto Cavalli and Rachele Cavalli
How beautiful… to love and be loved… the warmth that flows… my five children are my life… it is through their love I shall to continue to exist…

We arrive at the factory, the door opens automatically. “Lupo… go!” Tomorrow I will tell you in detail of my day at the office. We shall have fun!

Un bacino a tutti
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesca
    Francesca says:

    Salve… sono nuova conosco da poco il suo blog ma non ho potuto fare a meno di leggere tutti i 54 post. E’ davvero bello quello che fa per i suoi fan, il modo in cui si interessa a noi e il fatto che ci renda in qualche modo partecipi della sua grandissima avventura, si vede che lo fa con semplicità e spontaneità. Questo fa di lei una bella persona oltre che un’artista geniale… 🙂
    PS: complimenti per sua figlia è davvero una bellissima donna


  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    Buongiorno Roberto… No continua ad essere te stesso e a raccontare tutto quello che ti passa x la testa!:-)… A noi “followers” del tuo blog piace leggere il vero Cavalli .. Non il” Cavalli impostato”.. Perché così riusciamo ad amarti e ammirarti x il tuo essere un grande.. Dolce.. Sensibile … Uomo.. E nn un “personaggio!…. :-))…. KISS KISS … And Lupo too!!!;-)

  3. yana
    yana says:

    che bella ragazza! che belle foto!!!
    la felicitá e bellezza di una donna incinta e una cosa magica…

    ci sará sempre qualcuno chi ha qualcosa da criticare… IO adoro questo blog cosi com’é:))))

  4. Alicia Bryan
    Alicia Bryan says:


    Your daughter is indeed beautiful. I’m quite sure the rest of your family must be just as lovely. Nothing in life is more important than family and the love you share. May your blessings continue to multiply.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. frøydis gambino
    frøydis gambino says:

    Buonasera di nuovo, belle foto che bella figlia che hai,si e un grande dono di avere figli,io ho tre maschi lo so cosa vuol dire i figli.Tanto amore veramente. Buon lavoro e buona giornata ancora Tanti saluti da Frøydis

  6. Patrycja
    Patrycja says:

    This is the first time when I’m crying when reading your blog. I whish my father tell about me so beautiful things that you tell us about Rachele. She is lucky to have so great father.

  7. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    It is so nice! These are the kindest, gentle words which I heard or read from parents to the children. Your daughter Rachele and all other children should be the happiest and be proud of the father. I think you are the tremendous father and grandfather! I wish you and your family to be the happiest in the world!

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