57. Thanks Marta!

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Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

57. Thanks, Marta!
Why? You will understand, keep reading…
Two fantastic days, in a magical city with Marta. She showed me Marrakech through her eyes.

I arrive at the magnificent Hotel Royal Mansour in Marrakech… I can not describe it… I have no words… emotions and feelings that only a great writer would be able to convey… The Royal Mansour Hotel is quite unique… my suite is a three-story apartment… Moroccan style in every little detail… minute white and blue ceramics adorn every wall… great gilded chandeliers carved as finely as Murano lace… a four-post canopy bed with twenty soft pillows… I realize I am making your mouth water, it is as if I were describing a delicious cream cake. I guess I just have never seen anything like this in my life!

It’s morning… a phone call on my cell phone… I open my eyes! “Roberto it is Marta, are you in Morocco…? Me too, are you coming to Marrakech?” “My love, I am, I arrived last night and I want to see you!” “I’ll see you for breakfast. I will then take you to visit the most special places in this city. I know Marrakech better than I know Milan and I’ll be happy to share this love with you. You know how to appreciate things in a special way!” “Wonderful, I do not know the city and I shall be happy to put myself in your hands. See you later”

Marta Marzotto is a special woman, as special as the greatness of her heart. Time has stood still for her, perhaps because it appreciates her quality, as does every person who knows her! Marta has been a very dear friend of mine for over twenty years. I have never heard anything but kind words from her. The radiance of her smile is so beautiful, so palpable, you feel as though you can touch it!

Towards evening we met at an old restaurant on the edge of the desert with people who accompanied me on this journey. Delicious international cuisine. I quickly made friends with the owner, Nordin. He is a very kind French gentleman who invited us for dinner at a restaurant in the heart of the Souk. The Souk is the great market that stretches for half a city beginning with a magnificent square, a heritage of humanity!

We spent all afternoon until sunset at the Souk! Incredible… a unique charm… the colors… the aromas of spices… metals that are hand-embroidered, gold-colored, light filtering… Moroccan ceremonial dresses… I did not know where to lay my eyes! I have been to many countries where the markets are a big attraction, but the Souk of Marrakech is truly unique in the world!

The evening ended with a very fine dinner in the restaurant of my Moroccan friend Nordin… a belly dance performance, very entertaining, very professional, performed by beautiful women, young and mature, all very prosperous! It was an unforgettable evening as memorable as the food. Especially for my stomach…! The four-poster’s twenty bed pillows rocked me and cuddled me for the rest of the night.

I hope to return soon… very soon… Marrakesh is a magical city in a special country!

The next time I want you to come with me!

Un bacino grande…

Roberto Cavalli

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Frøydis Gambino March 27, 2012

Buongiorno ! Che belle foto di Marrakech ho pensato d andare li, ma non ancora,belle foto sempre.Ci sentiamo Tanti saluti da Frøydis al nord


yana March 27, 2012

BELLISSIMO, il Royal Mansour…

Ha comprato qualcosa al Souk, Signor Cavalli?:))


sima ralph March 27, 2012

Amazing… I wanna read adout your adventures and experiences.. Bem vida!


Roa March 27, 2012

I have been away for a week or two, because I was so busy with school, but I missed reading your blog. Reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures makes me calm and it feels like I’m in that place that you describe. Thank you for sharing!

Lots of Love,


farhad March 27, 2012

salve signiore Cavalli , lei e’ tutta la mia vita !!! a dopo … :)


Patrycja March 27, 2012

So the trip was amazing


Francesco March 28, 2012

Grande Cavalli!!! Che spettacolo Marrakech!!! Un nome che suscita…suscita….magia! A me personalmente fà un effetto particolare sentire pronunciare questa parola, non sò è davvero strano per me…. la mente và in ricordi particolari….come di vite passate….1000 e più anni fà….mi immagino nel mezzo di quel posto fuori dal tempo, in un’atmosfera magica e piena di mistero……. Deve essere davvero speciale Marrakesh…quel mercato così particolare….unico! Se poi la prossima volta che vai….io ci vengo volentieri!!! :)

Un Abbraccio


Cristiano March 29, 2012

I wish I was there with you … I love Marrakesh and thank to your amazing post a lot of great memories came back to my mind… keep up with this magical diary-blog… we love you too …


safia September 14, 2012



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