80. I Spent a Very Tranquil May Day…

Roberto Cavalli80. I spent a very tranquil May Day.

The awful weather did not offer the possibility of taking off on flights of fancy! What can I tell you? I am convinced that your desire is to gain some insight into my fashion, my life.

I have already told you how I entered the world of fashion. I was not one of those kids who liked to make clothes for dolls. I can assure you that I am not telling stories. Many young and talented designers who have developed their passion and approach to the fashion world, started out by sewing dresses for their dolls when they where young! The world is so diverse and wonderful. I respect everyone and everything!

In my thoughts and in my philosophy, there are words that are part of my life… TO LOVE… TO DREAM… TO DESIRE… TO BELIEVE…

Also, there is a limit to what I can disclose! My life has been an adventure… sometimes sad… sometimes special… but always INCREDIBLE! From this fantastic adventure I draw the inspiration to write. I write… I write everything that I can remember… anything that might be interesting to recount…

I just have a fear of confiding too much of what is inside me! It would perhaps be more correct to publish my adventure posthumously once God has taken me back home… But, I prefer to be here, to know if my life is as special as I think it is…

My dear friends your warmth is the energy that drives my life… my imagination… my will to live!

Tell me! Do you write… write to clear your minds, to know your minds… write to remember… write to recount as I do? I am curious to know… don’t worry about sentences… grammar… just let your thoughts flow…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Kamila
    Kamila says:

    I’m happy for you … It is infinite happiness to live their vocation, to sublimate the manifestations of life into art. I wish you to remain sober in a professional matter, but the skill to intoxicate others.

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Oggi è un giorno speciale…..finalmente…. la nostra Fiorentina….vincendo 1 a 0 a Lecce contro il Lecce….è MATEMATICAMENTE SALVA!!

    Ohhhhhhhhhh…..un se ne poteva più!!!

    Come tifoso viola ho un misto di felictià ad un misto di gran giramento di scatole….ma basta pensare al passato….bisogna sempre pensare al FUTURO!!
    Io ogni tanto scrivo, scrivo poesie, parodie, bischerate e mi diverto così…mi piace e mi fà divertire!
    Devo anche ammettere che ti “rubo” un pò il tuo stile su alcune cose…..spero che mi perdonerai!
    Ti abbraccio doppiamente oggi, da Tifoso a Tifoso!!!! 🙂

  3. yana
    yana says:

    Io spesso ho voglia di descrivere la mentalitá e vita italiana vista con gli occhi di una straniera… é molto… come dire… instabile. non si sa mai che succederá, ognuno fa le cose come gli pare. dopo 4 anni ancora non riesco ad abituarmi… ma fino ad oggi lo scrivo solo nella mia mente, un po perché non so in quale lingua scrivere:)

  4. Claudine
    Claudine says:

    Thanks for opening up – like many, I appreciate that a lot. Writing helps me understand what is really going on inside me. Often enough, I am confused or outraged or unhappy with certain things happening, and only bringing it to paper clears it up for me somehow and shows me different perspectives. By writing a (irregular) Journal, I have come to know me a lot better.

  5. yana
    yana says:

    Martedi 8 Maggio sará mio compleanno:))) mi regalerebbe un post sulle Sue stampe preferite? vorrei vederli da vicino, conoscere la loro storia… un giorno mi stamperó un pezzo di un vestito ROBERTO CAVALLI in formato A2 e lo appenderó sul muro…:))))))

  6. evaperony
    evaperony says:

    Mr cavalli u re an inspiration to us ur fans cos u share so much of ur life wit us thus encouraging us to be more creative and to know dat d sky is our limit ……u re my hero i love u *kisses*

  7. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Ho scritto abbastanza…di poesie e canzoni, in ogni lingua! Ora lo faccio per lavoro..un lavoro che mi da tantissime soddisfazioni personali, ma che in un’Italia contemporaea come questa fa fatica a crescere. Voi adulti dovreste dialogare di più con noi giovani……………….Quando torni in Sardegna, se ti va, ci si vede!! (Se rispondi mi fa piacere) 🙂 Buona giornata


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