81. The “Great” Daniele Corvasce…

Roberto Cavalli with Daniele Corvasce

Roberto Cavalli with Daniele Corvasce

81. The “Great” Daniele Corvasce asks me to spend the weekend in Monte Carlo!

Why “great”? I’ll introduce him…

1) He deals with every little problem… in a perfect manner.

2) He reminds me of all my meetings and he refreshes my memory on each topic. I do not remember how I managed without him…

3) He reads to me each and every new topic and new strategy to pursue. This will seem strange, but he helps me to “listen” which gives me a chance to think and decide immediately.

4) He has the patience to listen… this is not easy… sometimes I am incomprehensible! When I have to solve a problem I need to talk… talk… talking seems to make each problem more clear to me… ideas “flow out” from this… sometimes among them is the good one. This also happens to me when I am in the style studio. My best creative ideas are born while talking about them… I should really start recording what I say when I am in those particular moments of positive creativity…

5) He is “great” because he is honest and this is a quality that is becoming increasingly rare…

6) He is “great” because I love him!

I have digressed… back to Monte Carlo… my visit to the hidden city of the rich. We have been offered a potential location for the opening of a new boutique… it is important to me that I physically check the location. The location is in the Carrè d’Or, the part that borders the Casino Square around the Hotel de Paris and the Hermitage Hotel.

The idea of spending a weekend in Monte Carlo fascinates me immediately. All of you know my passion for gaming and Monte Carlo is also very relaxing and I really need to recharge my batteries!

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Hotel…? No! Definitely not this time… I do not want to leave Lupo alone again…! No Hotel will accept a child with the appearance of a dog as big as Lupo!

Although very polite, he does not wear pants! The only option is to transfer the “big boat”, the one that changes color, from Cannes to Monte Carlo.

It would not be much of a problem except for the fact that Eva usually spends her weekends on the boat with her wealthy friends and I do not know how she will take such a sudden change in her plans.

Corvasce plucks up his courage and explains to Eva the importance of this business trip and the need to move the boat to Monte Carlo. Eva graciously agrees.

Landed in Monte Carlo

Landed in Monte Carlo

The helicopter lands almost in front of the Port. Prince Albert has created a real “jewel”. Tomorrow I will tell you more of my adventure in Monte Carlo…

Un bacio a tutti.

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  1. WXTCI
    WXTCI says:

    hi Roberto Beautiful Day a you lupo rosa Very Beautiful Pic Love you & you Fashion Mode you are the Best xoxoxo Hugs Love You

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    Roberto, will you write more about the inspiration process you go thru when creating something. I know you know you keep inspiration photos but how about when someone famous wants you to design a special gown. How do you get inspired for that? Do you ask them their favorite color etc?


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