86. I Won, Finally!

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Roberto Cavalli86. I Won, Finally!

I Won, Finally! Finally I had fun…

The truth is that I enjoy the game even when I lose. Some of you like to play? You play for the excitement of waiting for your magic ten minutes. You must have the patience to wait. Do not push until there is negativity around you.

When I play, I become superstitious. So many little things bother me… I try not to look around, I don’t want to be recognized! Two nights ago… at the Black Jack table… the person next to me has begun to talk about his daughter who is studying fashion in Rome… very good! She would be happy to work for me… I wish her all the best… I move to another table!

Last night… I ask for a private table… all mine… I get two glasses of red wine and I ask my companion to get closer to me so as to increase the strength and the positivity. The beginning is not so exciting… the pile of chips is getting smaller and smaller… I play around with the chips to create a feeling between the game and me… I keep my eyes vigilantly on the cards… I count the cards… I follow the game as fast as ever.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

Finally… a Black Jack… then another! My situation instantly reverses itself… I start to force the game… I start feel it… believe in it… the pile of chips is getting bigger and bigger. For good luck I do not want to count them… I squeeze the hand of my companion…

I drink the second glass of red wine… Damn… this game is weird… that’s why I like it… It’s certainly not for the money, nor for any gains you can make, it’s just the sheer pleasure… the thrill that you get.

I don’t lose a hand… even when I should … all the luck is on my side… I miss a beat… then another… maybe now is the time to stop…!

I thank the croupier and leave him a big tip.

Roberto Cavalli

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evaperony May 15, 2012

Of course u re a winner ….jst a way of having fun


Mohini May 15, 2012

It is important to sit back and enjoy life.Sometimes a small game or an outing with yr friends is the best way to relax and refress oneself.Life is not a race which one has to win.It should be embraced and enjoyed every moment.All work and no play could make u a dull guy…:) Regards, Mohini


Francesco May 15, 2012

“Due sere fa, al tavolo di Black Jack, il mio vicino di gioco incomincia a parlarmi della figlia che studia moda a Roma, bravissima! Sarebbe felice di lavorare per me… gli faccio tanti auguri, e cambio tavolo!” Aahahah Grande Cavalli !! Sono d’accordo con te, uno gioca per divertirsi, se poi vince è più contento, ma lo scopo del gioco è divertirsi (in qualsiasi gioco ovviamente…) Ora, non sò bene come funziona il Black Jack…credo che sia il nostro 21 giusto? Comunque son contento che tu abbia vinto….!! Vinci tanto almeno compri la Fiorentina e vinciamo lo Scudetto!! :))) (se tu mai decidessi di prendere la Fiorentina io sarei l’uomo più felice del mondo!!) Ti saluto con un grande abbraccio Francesco.


frøydis gambino May 15, 2012

Buonasera Mr Cavalli,sicuramente bello a vincere Black Jack,a me piace solo guardare guando giocano i altri al casino. Buon divertimento Ci sentiamo salute Frøydis


WXTCI May 16, 2012

hi Roberto Beautiful daywith the sun a you Lupo Rosa Very Nice Pic Monte Carlo Casino


WXTCI May 16, 2012

Hi Roberto Beautiful day with the sun a you Lupo Rosa Very Nice Pic Monte Carlo Casino xoxoxo Love You


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