9. Starting next Week We will Begin the Long Travels.

Roberto Cavalli amfAR


9. Starting next Week We will Begin the Long Travels.

Sandra will leave February 3 for New York, she will meet up with her parents who are coming to America for the first time.
She is excited and can’t wait to show them New York City, a place she knows extremely well.

I will follow her on February 7, I expect a couple of intense days.
The first day I will be meeting with the American Press to promote the release of my new FRAGRANCE!
It will be a great success all over the world, I promise!

The following day I will attend the amfAR event.
amfAR is the largest charity event for AIDS patients, mostly children living in Africa. During the event I will receive a prize for my fashion and my contribution to the amfAR from Naomi Campbell, it will be an exciting and special evening!
Roberto Cavalli amfAR
I have always been close to the amfAR, a wonderful initiative I promote with Sharon Stone.
Sharon Stone has presented several editions of the amfAR event in Cannes, along with an auction that has always brought a lot of support for this wonderful initiative.

I was with Sharon a few years ago, she was illustrating the purpose of the amfAR, she spoke about the millions of children who constantly die without any support because of this horrifying disease, at first her eyes became red, then burst into a flood of wonderful cries, with encouraging applause of the thousands of people… I hugged her, and since then I’ve always been particularly close to this great initiative.

A big kiss …

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Roa
    Roa says:

    It’s wonderful that you are supporting an important charity like that. Good luck with all the traveling and ofcourse promoting your new fragrance!

    Lots of Love,

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Sul profumo, ne sono sicuro!! Sei sempre al top! Ognuno (secondo me) riesce a rappresentare un mio stato d’animo e proprio su questo, che scelgo con quale sognare ogni giorno.
    Questa è dissicuro una cosa bellissima che non si sapeva, che poi ne fossi anche il promoter.. La domanda è sempre quella… Come fai a fare tutto?
    Sono felice per te, perché questa serata sarà sicuramente speciale, e culminerà con un giusto riconoscimento che unirà assieme la genialità della moda e la solidarietà di un grande uomo.
    Sei sempre il migliore

    We love you Too


  3. yana
    yana says:

    can’t wait to smell the new fragrance! and to see the print on the box (I really don’t know what I love more – your perfumes or the boxes:)))))

    have you met Sandra’s parents before? will you meet them this time?

    thumbs up for your charity work!!!

  4. Mureille Lansdorf
    Mureille Lansdorf says:

    Good morning Mr. Cavalli,

    How are you? Do you still have a headache?
    Very nice to read your updates, I would like to see the pictures you have taken in Paris?

    It’s so great to read that you are part of the amfAR charity event for AIDS patients! It is one of the meanest diseases like cancer! It’s truly amazing that so many people donate! Respect for all the help that you are giving to so many people!

    I wish you a productive week, filled with creative inspiration and positive energy!

    Have a Bless Day


  5. rachel
    rachel says:

    it’s so amazing that we could get to know you better through your blog..
    and i do hope the world will have more people like you that be full of love to those people whoever need our help…
    dear mr Cavalli ,you are a hero in fashion world and so the world we live in.!!

    Big love from china…

  6. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli!! Today I’ve watched the 2nd teaser of your upcoming FRAGRANCE. Can’t wait to see the whole commercial on February, 1, which is the day after tomorrow. Good luck with its promotion!!! I’m absolutely sure it will be a sensation!! So excited!!! By the way I’m wearing Just Cavalli Her at the moment. I do love this perfume!! It makes me feel unique and seductive.

    I’m so glad to find out you are that close to the amfAR event. I am convinced we all should give our help and support to people who are in need.

    Have an amazing week Mr. Cavalli!
    WE ♥ U


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