Eva Cavalli with Sharon Stone

Eva Cavalli with Sharon Stone


I am sitting on a large white sofa in the living room of my “big boat”… arriving last, I am the first to be ready. I’m curious to see the dresses of the beautiful ladies. Eva is wearing a beautiful white tuxedo jacket with black slacks, appearing taller and even more slender in the beautiful elevated sandals from Cavalli!

Karolina Kurkowa, the stunning supermodel, is wrapped in a fire-red robe that reveals her perfect back… to dream on… and 13 centimeters of Cavalli’s gold sandals… in them she is over six feet tall.

Seductively glamorous Sharon’s arrival is expected at any moment… her entry is pitch perfect. She is wearing a long black dress with a high turtleneck, beyond sexy when Sharon crosses her wonderful legs. I saw “Basic Instinct”… I watched it three times just to see Sharon’s exquisite legs… now I can “worship” in real life!

Are you ready? We can go.
Three black cars are waiting in front of the boat, we have to make our way through the waiting paparazzi who are blinding us with their flashes. Here we go!

We are going to the big Vanity Fair party, a special event now traditional at the festival. The journey seems longer, thousands of people make the road impossible to traffic, although four “gendarmes” on motorcycles clear our way through the curious who press around us!

The great editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, greets us. He is a dear friend who embraces me with great warmth not limited to the usual handshake. My entry on the long avenue leading to the villa was amazing! I felt almost as important as Sharon on my right and Karolina on my left. I appeared “piccolo, piccolo” by comparison!

The rest of the evening flows nicely. Great conversation and lots of champagne (unnecessary words) … and finally we arrived at our table! I cannot complain, in addition to my two stunning guests, Rosario Dawson, a charming and beautiful actress cheers me with her wonderful smile! Do you remember her? She was the beautiful girl in “Man in Black 2”.

Fun and crazy time? Not really… I like to be there… I have to be there for business as well as pleasure… I am Roberto Cavalli… I must make my appearance…I am smiling and I am having fun!

Un bacio grande…

Roberto Cavalli

Cannes Film Festival 2012: Celebrities in Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Dear Roberto, thank you for your story. It is always interesting to read new post. All celebrities in your dresses is excellent. The red carpet in Cannes is your fashion show 🙂 I wish you not only good job but also wonderful holiday!
    With love from Russia)
    Your fan Victoria

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Ora leggendo quello che hai scritto e vedendo le foto mi verrebbe da fare un commento alla Fiorentina, della serie…”Bada che pòpò di …………” ma mi trattengo per vari motivi… 🙂
    Sharon stone……io credo che quella scena di Basic Istinct non me la scorderei nemmeno se mi facessero il lavaggio del cervello…..!! O come si fà? Sharon è sempre sharon….!!
    Forza Cavalli!! Porta alto il tuo nome, il nome di Firenze e della moda Italiana….sei tutti noi!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

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