92. I Am in Paris…

Roberto Cavalli with Azzedine Alaia

Roberto Cavalli with Azzedine Alaia

92. I am in Paris… a beautiful blue sky…a slight breeze makes the heat bearable. It’s like being in paradise for the anniversary of St. Peter…

Maximum confusion… smiling and satisfied faces… every little store that sells trinkets is full of people, young and not so young who buy, not understand what or why but they buy! Perhaps the fault lies with this wonderful day… it clouds your mind… it makes you want to spend money!

Finally, on a crowded street on this carnival Sunday Sandra and I found a small table with two small chairs at a sidewalk cafe.

Lupo, who has managed to carve out his space between the chair and the table, seems satisfied. We ordered a beer, a glass of Sancerre white wine and a plate of “pomme frites”. Lupo is gasping from the heat, I feel selfish to drink in front of him.

We’re relaxing, watching and commenting on the passers-by. Eighty percent of them are walking while talking on their mobile phones. Some are using headsets. It seems as though they are talking to themselves! It’s ridiculous and funny!

Mini skirts and mini pants are in style this summer, even if you have perfect legs like some of those who pass by!

Roberto Cavalli at the cafe
Last night we had a dinner at the home of my favorite designer Alaia. His home studio expresses his character. His genius has become the fashion in art. He is one of the few designers who can bring out the femininity, sexuality and sensuality in women.

Roberto Cavalli with Azzedine Alaia and friendsAlaia has brought together a group of very nice Brazilian friends, who are sitting around a large table in his kitchen where he is cooking us an excellent Tunisian couscous. I help him set the table and serve dishes filled with the new ‘hot’ creation of a great stylist! I really enjoyed myself… a night different from many others…

I have known Azzedine Alaia for a long time, but not until yesterday did I have the opportunity to know his charm and simplicity.

Tomorrow back to Milan… I hate Mondays… especially when they promise a week like the next one, full of commitments and decisions!

Un bacio a tutti

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Guarda Lupo che sguardo misto tra il basito e l’incuriosito che c’è nella foto…. ahahaha ganzissimo!
    O come sono simpatici gli animali? ti mettono sempre il buon umore!!!
    Non conosco questo tuo amico, ma da come lo descrivi deve essere un tipo simpatico!
    Guardando la senna mi torna in mente uno che lavora da noi che andò a Parigi per la prima volta e descrisse la città “molto bella, sopratutto i LUNGARNI della senna…” ehehe (non lungo senna, lungarno della senna..)
    Vabbè via….dopo questa bioscherata ti saluto! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

  2. yana
    yana says:

    aaah, l’estate scorso ho visto cosi tanti ma TAAANTI shorts che alla fine mi sono comprata pure io qualche paia… mai messi, ed alla fine regalati alle amiche… la moda é come una malattia, e a volte anche se di solito pensi di essere immune te la becchi pure tu per qualche giorno… :)))

  3. Christine Cyprien-Fabre
    Christine Cyprien-Fabre says:

    I am sure that catching the vibe in a city like Paris is a major source of additional inspiration for you ! I am French but have been living in Dubai ( Love Cavalli Club by the way ..) For 6 years now and I trust you can have similar “Dubai street” experience obviously mostly during winter time.. In Malls of course but also in all the outdoors spots that are poping up more and more … They reflect the increasingly complex and typical style of this great city of Dubai !

    PS: Will go and taste your new Menu soon !
    Very very best Regards.
    Christine Cyprien Fabre.

  4. Tiina Kirss
    Tiina Kirss says:

    Si,cosa posso dire:)…mi manca questo tipp di cena con i cari amici…
    Mi fa pensare e sognare mentre che sto quardano le foto e leggo i tuoi pensieri:)
    Lavoro che sta rubando troppo tempo,ma cerco di cambiare 🙂

  5. mirella
    mirella says:

    Grazie Roberto,
    mi hai fatto tornare indietro di tre anni ! Quando ho trascorso la mia vacanza più bella lì a Parigi e alloggiata in uno splendido appartementino nel quarto arrondissement: il Marais. Bella cosa tu che con il tuo lavoro puoi tornarci spesso e girare tutto il mondo! Un grande abbraccio anche a te da Firenze

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