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440. A Birthday with the Angels!

440. A Birthday with the Angels! Every birthday is special, but this year I celebrated a very special birthday… my children and grandchildren have literally surrounded and overwhelmed me with all their affection! I want to thank you all for the nice messages I received! It took me a while to read them all but […]

439. Music and adrenaline were our drugs…

439. Music and adrenaline were our drugs… Late in the 1950s, there were no discos. Young people would meet on a Saturday afternoon or at a birthday party at somebody’s place. There came the idea of renting a place on a Saturday afternoon to give all the students the possibility of getting together, getting to […]

438. November 4, 1966

438. November 4, 1966 It is November 4th, but the year is 1966, 50 years ago. The Arno river that usually flows quietly through Florence, has suddenly turned into an avalanche of mud and water flooding the streets of Florence, submerging, destroying everything in its path, threatening the very lives of the Florentines and their […]