449. I don’t define myself as a Stylist or as a Designer.  I prefer to call myself an Artist of Fashion.

449. I don’t define myself as a Stylist or as a Designer.  I prefer to call myself an Artist of Fashion.

I started my big adventure breathing the thin air of fashion at home together with the strong influence of art in Florence.

I don’t like to be defined as a stylist or as a designer but rather as a fashion artist; one who likes to turn simple white cotton canvases into exquisite brocades.

During my artistic life, which I call my big adventure, I learned a lot from simply observing the world around me.

I started studying shapes and colours at the Art Institute of Porta Romana.  There I assimilated the techniques of printing on fabrics, setting colours on different fabrics, blending colours and creating that harmony that transforms a simple canvas into a beautiful dress.

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, enhanced my artistic education. Living in Florence, a city that reflects art in all its forms, helps you to see the way shapes and colours are combined and amplified to create a natural predisposition to artistic creation, regardless of whether it is a painting, a statue or a building.

Over time I have realized that my education has allowed me to see beyond, beyond what we normally see before our eyes.
It is like having the gift to see art expressing itself in every aspect of the world around.

Had I not started in the fashion world I would have liked to be an architect…  I have carried on some small personal projects as an architect, like the beach house in Castiglioncello on the Tuscan coast, in my homes in Panzano in Chianti and in my house in Florence.

If your desire is to pursue a career in the fashion world my advice is to start studying the History of Art. In this way you will discover many of the beautiful things we have inherited from the genius of our ancestors and, together with your own observation of Creation and the infinite beauty that nature gives us each day, you will receive a powerful continuous source of inspiration!

Do not fail to come to Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  If you decide to visit, let me know I will offer you an “aperitivo” at Caffè Giacosa.


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448. The Emotions you carry with you…

448. The Emotions you carry with you…

My fashion was becoming more and more singular and distinctive.
With the help of a talented young designer my fashion began to be known as the fashion choice for the Red Carpet.

With my ability to create fantasies like paintings and his techniques in shaping the dresses we conquered the showbiz world. Actresses and singers vied for the most glamorous and sexy dresses, simple shapes, long dresses, colourful prints photographed onto their flowing fabrics.

I often created two dresses for Jennifer Lopez for the same evening. One was long, eye-catching, sexy, very glamorous for the Red Carpet. The other was short, very short, shiny, tight yet allowing her to move freely and dance during the concerts.
Flash… flash… a life of flashes… Camera flashes? Yes, even those, but above all many flashes in my mind, so many, perhaps too many to remember. Emotions driven by a range of events – from small ones to very big ones.  It was a very particular time in my life where the events and the emotions happened at such a fast pace that it was impossible for me to fully savour the pleasure!

I remember a big charity event in Beverly Hills with more than a hundred tables set with silk tablecloths printed with my animal prints. They created such a fashionable, fun, positive atmosphere, a very Cavalli-style mood. The evening ended with a fashion show. The model of honour was Halle Berry! A woman of unforgettable sweetness. She was wonderful!  When you encounter a person who has your own vulnerability and simplicity, you feel as though you have always been friends!

We walked together for the runway finale in front of more than a thousand guests. Everybody was dressed to perfection for such an important event. The most important people were there and they stood to show their admiration and appreciation.

Halle Berry held my hand tightly and If I relaxed my hand she held it even more tightly as if she were saying: “Do not leave me now!”.
How I wish my words could fully express all the emotions that in that moment filled my heart!

Those are the kind of emotions that we carry inside us forever…


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445. Contentment

445. Contentment

Contentment is a state of mind that finds us at peace with ourselves, happy to be who we are and with what we have, raising our families in harmony with those around us, making the most of our surroundings.

I made “Excess is my Success” my motto. My research in the fashion world “inspired” me. It literally breathed new life into me.  For each collection I had to get better, newer ideas, colours and technologies which I would then apply to fabrics and leather.

Just as athletes compete with themselves by raising the bar for every race for every jump…  It is normal, the quest for perfection is part of our nature. Improving our performance, creating more beautiful, interesting, colourful collections, getting out of the classical schemes, creating new trends…

However, by now you should know me, you know that I am, at heart, a simple person.  I find myself at ease in any situation. Whenever I think of my great adventure I remember my Mom, her teachings, her way of doing things, her composure. Her manner was simple and gentle. I learned contentedness from my Mother who was able to rescue it from the most difficult of her life’s events. Her sweet smile is always in my mind, as well as her way of being, she was always so kind.

What I learned traveling around the world is that simple people, those who have kindness in their eyes and hearts, those who appreciate every little joy, are the ones who have found the secret of contentment. That does not mean setting your bar low but it means being able to enjoy every day what life gives us, knowing how to look around us, appreciate who we are and be thankful for what we have.

What we own cannot give us contentment. That is a sentiment that comes from the depth of our heart. It is too easy to let it be overshadowed by life that sometimes seems to run too quickly ahead of us.

I have seen children playing with a ball made of rags and have read the happiness in their eyes, I have seen playing, smiling, laughing, carefree children enjoying each moment with their friends.

Do not let a frenzied life take away your contentment.

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