Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Book – Video Backstage

Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Book – Video Backstage – The first exclusive video backstage: Heidi Klum, Joan Smalls, Erin Wasson and Maria Carla Boscono are the models that rock the hot desert for the Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary book.

Leather, printed silk, “animalier” prints, hand-printed jeans, patchwork and bright colours are the semantic traits of a language that in 40 years has renewed itself with the constancy and strength of the modernity imposed by 40 years of history, fast and furious in their passing.

Stay tuned to see the next part of the video that will be broadcast next Wednesday, September 8th. Enjoy!

Download the iPhone / iPod Touch version here.

Elizabeth Hurley in Roberto Cavalli

Elizabeth Hurley chose to wear a Roberto Cavalli gown to attend a party hosted by the Maharaja of Jodhpur on June 18th 2010 in Mumbai, India.


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

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