Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Book – The 2nd Video Backstage

This is the second part of the amazing backstage video. It’s just like a film, but also like any self-respecting future-oriented “Recherche” project, it is the ever-changing story of evolving style stars, those models who have personified Cavalli style over the years.
Shot at Big Sky Studios, a London photo studio in Brewery road and the chosen location for some of the world’s most innovative photographers and productions.


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Manuela Arcuri in Roberto Cavalli – 67th Venice Film Festival – Premio Nastro Azzurro

Italian actress Manuela Arcuri chose to wear a Roberto Cavalli gown in occasion of the “Premio Nastro Azzurro” award ceremony, held Sunday September 5th 2010, during the 67th Venice Film Festival.

Roberto Cavalli, Black Is Never Absolute

Preface by Franca Sozzani
Necklace Overlook, Pages 400, Price € 30.00
In Library September 8, 2010

“This book is my Wunderbuch where I have hidden my emotions. It is my book of wonders.” Roberto Cavalli

In celebration of 40 years of the Roberto Cavalli fashion house and 70 years of Roberto Cavalli, a picture book that tells of the artistic sensibility and workshop of a master of Italian fashion.

A book that describes the inner journey and visual universe of Roberto Cavalli.

The world of a designer who has changed contemporary fashion. A universe of objects, symbols, landscapes, flowers, fruits, photographed in years of unstoppable curiosity. The creative workshop of an artist who has always thought of fashion as a function of its fabrics, and fabrics as prints, photographs of a world explored, experienced and observed first hand, in all its diversity, its contrasts, its unexpected surprises . “Everything  pleases me. Everything interests me. Flowers, fruits, animals, skies, seas, meadows, women, children, skyscrapers, cars, candy, buttons. There is no limit. The most common objects can revive old memories in me and become a source of inspiration for a collection or just a detail of a dress. ”

The book will be presented in the Roberto Cavalli boutique in Via della Spiga 42 in Milan during Vogue Fashion Night Out to be held Thursday, September 9, 2010 from 19.00 to 21.00.