Fashion’s Revitalizing Energies

“I have always observed youngsters and their world with keen interest, they energize me with their youthful, positive vibes: they are a source of inspiration from which I absorb ideas, suggestions and food for thought for my collections.”

November 30th 2009 was an important date for Roberto Cavalli’s new venture on the online world, the Roberto Cavalli online store grand opening.

The online store, powered by Yoox, lets you “shop until you drop”, it’s the power of the Internet that never sleeps. Ready to wear, underwear, footwear and accessories from the latest Roberto Cavalli collection. This new online store lets you shop 24 hours a day seven days a week, with confidence, directly to your home from Roberto Cavalli’s atelier in Florence.

And 2010 is the year that will consolidate Roberto Cavalli’s online presence on Twitter, Facebook and a personal Blog.

As Roberto Cavalli says: “I am attracted by the phenomenon of social networking and surprised by the size and growing number of groups on Facebook that love my fashion and my lifestyle. This new challenge fills me with enthusiasm because I believe that the internet represents the future and an unlimited source of surprises.”.

Roberto Cavalli has always been attracted to new technologies. He was a pioneer in the adaptation of the use of the computer to empower design, to create new and more colourful patterns, to experiment and develop new technique and to create incredible pieces that are loved all over the world.

Roberto Cavalli’s vision embraces both fashion and technology, “Fashion design is my passion, my life, our daily life.“ When every one of us wakes up in the morning we say: “What do I have that I can wear today to make me look beautiful, fantastic, sexy, special? Fashion is a state of mind. That is the reason I love being your fashion designer because I can use it to measure, mold and improve your mood beyond what you may have imagined possible. I love being a fashion designer.”


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Finally I managed to create my own Blog!

This is my way to feel close to you, to talk with you, to listen and advise, to share with you my successes and sometimes my problems.

Do you think you know me? Do you think you know everything about me? I will show you that maybe I am as you dreamed but like all humans I have my weaknesses. I also have my dreams.

We’ll talk about fashion, of course, since fashion is a philosophy of life we share which takes us away from life’s little daily problems. When you’re well dressed and feel good about yourself it is easier to face the world, its risks and see its opportunities. Embracing fashion will change your life!!

We’ll talk about this wonderful world which our very mindsets are bringing low. We’ll talk about your problems, whether you are young, or old like me. How to combat violence and how to gain respect by respecting others.

I will try to make you smile, not with fairy tales but with real stories of my life. A long life, full of emotions and adventures. I am here to prod you, to help and encourage you. Do not forget that I love you!
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