3. Today Was a Quiet Day

Roberto Cavalli & Lupo

Roberto Cavalli & Lupo

Today Was a Quiet Day.
I have not told you about my dog, a German shepherd, his name is Lupo (Wolf)!

I’ve had many different dog breeds in my life, I loved them all, but the German shepherd “IS THE DOG ….” its the true friend that you expect to have when you buy a dog.

I’ve had a few German shepherds, and I’ve always named them Lupo.
Seven months ago, one morning I woke up with a wish to have a new Lupo……. a new friend to spend every day with, who is happy when I’m happy.
Now Lupo is ten months old, and we love each other.

I am in Paris right now, we flew here together from Milan.
There are moments when he looks at me and it seems that he wants to say something, but of course he can’t – maybe he is just teaching me that when you love somebody you can speak through your eyes!


Roberto Cavalli

2. I am here in Paris…

Roberto Cavalli
2. I am here in Paris for fashion week. I could not miss it – It is my world!
Although it is much changed since the day I started, it is still charming, still a special part of our lives, even for people who often snob and criticize it. It is a pleasure to experience and to know who is making the fashion world happen. There is an intense curiosity about the people who make this happen – the models, the charming actresses and actors on the red carpet.

We cannot escape from so many gossips!

Paris is beautiful! It takes me by the hand through this wonderful experience that is renewed every six months!

I live in a small apartment on the Ile de Saint Louis, a small island on the Seine in the heart of Paris!

I bought this studio in 1975. It was truly the first wish I could grant myself – 600 square feet on the fifth floor with a spiral staircase and no elevator! I live on the rooftops of Paris in the most romantic and artistic area.

In the Summer I remove the mattress from my bed and use it for sunbathing on my neighbor’s roof – such a special feeling!

Right now I am having dinner at the Hotel Costes, one of the trendiest hotels. I have organized a nice evening for the birthday of my lovely friend Franca Sozzani with a few other friends and a great champagne…
I will not talk too much about fashion here. We can talk about fashion as part of my answers to your questions…

I would love to hear from you. You will find me simpatico.

A big hug… a domani!

Roberto Cavalli

1. From now on I will write here…

Roberto Cavalli
1. From now on I will write here…
I’ll be here with you, every day, or nearly so.
I want to win you over, so, tell me, what do you want to hear from me?
I have many many things to tell you about my life… which I call “MY ADVENTURE ”
I have so many things to tell you, so many things you don’t know about me.
For example, that I came into fashion for a chance to meet all the beautiful women… Strange, all my colleagues are gay!
Then, fashion and being able to create special clothes for special women conquered me and I began to enjoy stripping and dressing the most
beautiful women in the world!
This is only the beginning, ask me and I’ll tell you about my life and if you will inspire me I will even tell you about my loves.
Tell all your friends, I will have greater inspiration knowing that there are more of you listening and appreciating my story
Are you thinking this is not real? I swear it is me, I want to entertain you, and I need to get new emotions…
Only if I feel truly connected to you, will I be able to find new inspiration for my creativity!
You have to believe and to know that in all my clothes there is a part of your contribution…
Talk to me and have fun with me…
I want to talk to you and want to love all of you, I want to be loved and to give you back my love.

I love you.

Roberto Cavalli