444. The secret of happiness lies in a search for what proves to be an unknown destination…

444. The secret of happiness lies in a search for what proves to be an unknown destination…

I have met the most beautiful women in the world, participated as a judge in the Miss Universe contest, travelled a known and unknown world.  I have visited capitals and remote kingdoms meeting their Kings and Queens, their Princes and Presidents. In particular I have enjoyed meeting people from every walk of life.

Traveling is one of the very few ways you can spend your time and money with the hope of returning a wiser and better person.  

I am an explorer. I like adventure. Every journey begins with a destination, like an horizon that gives way to new horizons. I always feel a need to push beyond whatever I can see ahead.  What lies beyond this new horizon, this thin line that separates the known from the unknown?

Discover another civilization, another culture with its rituals, mores, all expressed subtly in its traditional dresses.  

Let us travel and discover our world, increase our knowledge, learn, broaden our horizons and get a more complete view of our planet and those who share it with us.

No matter how you travel, with whom you share the journey or your destination, what matters is the journey and the experience you will get from it.

I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos and when I look at those images my memory takes me back in time, à la recherche du temps perdu, for the sounds, the smells and the emotions that magically resurface.

There is no “right time” to take a trip, to leave, to start a new adventure, every moment is the “right time”.  Sometimes we are off to discover the world and sometimes we are off to discover ourselves, to look into our world and open the door to let the inside out and the outside in.

If you find yourself in a locked cage check that it isn’t locked from the inside.

Life is a great adventure. Travel allows us to make the most of it.  How many things in my life would have been different had I not opened that door, had I not travelled, had I not known people who have shared their knowledge with me, who have given me their hand in friendship and shared part of the journey.

Time to stop reading and start packing.


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443. Thank you, thank you for being the Angels you are…

443. Thank you, thank you for being the Angels you are…

I entered the fashion world for a chance to meet beautiful women… I’ve always been fascinated by women, by the feminine principle, their way of seeing things, their almost supernatural ability to create life!

I was always struck by the capacity that women have to transform themselves according to the situation. A woman knows how to be a friend, a companion, a partner, a mother, a grandmother, an angel. Yes angels, because women are in fact angels, angels sent to earth to help us men to overcome the difficulties we face every day.  They protect us, protect our children, our future. Every woman is a guardian angel!

I have a great debt of gratitude to women. My life has always been complemented by a woman at my side. We have come together and together we have learned, experimented, made mistakes.  Together we have complemented each other.

I have dedicated my entire life to dressing women all over the world, to enhance their natural beauty, to make them even more alluring, more fascinating.  I have endeavour to help them express their confidence in themselves and their pride in their own bodies, at every moment of their lives.

Often I found myself in front of a star, a talented artist for whom I have designed a dress that would reveal her as a queen of stage and screen, enhancing her performing art…

It is almost magic to see the transformation that the right outfit has to confer super powers on the wearer… “Roberto, when I wear your dress I feel different, your clothes have the ability to make me finally feel myself…”. This is the recurring phrase that has always filled my heart and been music to my ears…

Thank you, thanks to all the women of the world, thank you for living and for all that you so generously bestow every day on those of us who are lucky enough to share your world.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to create and enhance your natural beauty!


Roberto Cavalli Blog

442. A year filled with Peace and Happiness

442. A year filled with Peace and Happiness.

2017 has just begun and, as at the beginning of every New Year, each of us does a review of the year past and turns his focus to the New Year, to the future…

A new diet… more physical activity… sign up to a gym… lots of resolve and good intentions… we will follow through with some while others will soon be put aside.

After celebrating Christmas with my children and grandchildren I left Florence to return to Cavalli Island, my little corner of paradise in Sweden.

On Cavalli Island the temperatures are more frigid.  As a Florentine I am more accustomed to milder Tuscan winters.  It surprises me every time I return to see a landscape of snow and ice.  It is such a different landscape from the Tuscan.  Here the atmosphere is almost surreal, the days are very short and the Sun is low in the sky. The Sun’s rays hit the earth obliquely their shallow angle creating a different light, softer, sweeter… here the colours are pastel… so different from the strong, bright colours of the Mediterranean.

A few days of rest in this paradise… I let myself be pampered by the fireplace with its warmth… the red and yellow flickering flames lapping at the wood that responds with a crackling sound…

That’s how I find myself thinking about the past year and make plans for a fantastic 2017.  My wish is that this New Year will bring us Peace, Health, Happiness and Prosperity especially to those who are less fortunate.  

If you still have a line in your list of resolutions for the New Year, then fill it with an act of love for someone who is particularly close to your heart, for someone who deserves your help but does not expect it.  I assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than to give your love and affection to such people.  The pleasure it will give you will be multiplied many times for those for whom you share such affection.

My commitments force me to return to Florence… but I’ll be back soon… Cavalli Island has a magical atmosphere… like Florence it has a magnetic attraction, I cannot stay away from either place for long!

And you, how have you started your New Year?

I wish you a year full of Peace and Happiness!


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