447. An Oasis in the Centre of Scandinavia…

447. An Oasis in the Centre of Scandinavia…

Stora Rullingen is the original name of this island, but for me it is Cavalli Island. It is as though I have been drawn here by destiny.

Cavalli Island is an oasis. An oasis in the middle of Scandinavia, in Sweden. Scandinavia comprises three kingdoms, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Cavalli Island has Viking origins with the ruins of a stronghold dating back to the eleventh century.

I confess that the first time I visited Cavalli Island I was enchanted by the tranquility and the special atmosphere that hovers over this island.

Oasis? Perhaps the description that best suits it is Paradise on Earth! Mother Nature has decided to populate the island with deer, hares, beavers, moose. It is normal to catch a glimpse of hawks and eagles.

The stables are occupied by two beautiful horses. When I go riding Lupo follows me with his fiancé, Vilma.

Here I really feel at ease, in close contact with nature. A nature that reminds me everyday how lucky we are and especially how much inspiration nature gives us every day. A nature whose rules and laws regulate the rhythm of life, without the need for written laws, police, judges and courts.  All obey.

I often wonder what animal I would be, perhaps an eagle. I have always been attracted to flying, it gives me a sense of freedom. Looking at the world from up there gives me a different perspective.

Liberty, freedom, are words that encompass a multitude of meanings. During my daily walks I like to meet the animals in their natural habitat that they share with me in this corner of paradise in the middle of one of the largest lakes in Europe.

I wonder why we humans cannot live as well as animals do, in complete freedom, in total respect of nature…

What happened to the Hippies? Where is the movement that started in the ’60’s and promised to give us the secret of happiness.  Freedom was their imperative…

Maybe we should all search for our origins, to try to live in close contact with nature, with the world around us and face the day with a smile every morning…


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446. Citizens of the World

446. Citizens of the World.

I was always ahead of my time…

I have always applied the new technologies to the fashion world. When the powerful computers that we use today were still a dream I remember I used one of the first colour copiers to enlarge, enhance and create effects in the photos I had taken around the world. In this way I was able to create patterns and colour effects which I then transferred to the silk, leather and other fabrics that then became the dream dresses that have always been my signature, the image of my fashion.

In the more than fifty years I have dedicated to fashion I witnessed a complete transformation in the creation process and in the way of doing business. We can summarize this simply as the evolution from the Analog to the Digital world.

Everything has changed, everything has been transformed. This great transformation has had a dramatic effect on the way we live, do business, conduct politics, create, give life to our projects and realize our dreams.

The very fact that I’m here in front of my computer able to write to all of you and then read your comments is something that continue to surprise me to this very day.  It fascinates me…

The impact of the digital world on fashion continues to be important. The Internet has contributed to the instantaneous spreading of news.  It gives people the opportunity to find the information they need. Suddenly through the Internet young designers have the ability to publish their own designs, to find suppliers of raw materials, to sell their creations around the planet with a very minimal investment.

Professions that once required a lifetime’s effort to be successful have suddenly become accessible to everyone.  Product cycles have shrunk.  Writers, directors, actors, photographers, designers, musicians have become famous thanks to the Internet and the transformation of our lives from Analog to Digital. We now live in a many-to-many world. New ideas spread at the speed of light.

This is a great opportunity that is now offered and available to all of you! Procrastinate Not!!! Embrace this change, give voice to your creativity. Be proactive in this Digital age, become a Citizens of the World!


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445. Contentment

445. Contentment

Contentment is a state of mind that finds us at peace with ourselves, happy to be who we are and with what we have, raising our families in harmony with those around us, making the most of our surroundings.

I made “Excess is my Success” my motto. My research in the fashion world “inspired” me. It literally breathed new life into me.  For each collection I had to get better, newer ideas, colours and technologies which I would then apply to fabrics and leather.

Just as athletes compete with themselves by raising the bar for every race for every jump…  It is normal, the quest for perfection is part of our nature. Improving our performance, creating more beautiful, interesting, colourful collections, getting out of the classical schemes, creating new trends…

However, by now you should know me, you know that I am, at heart, a simple person.  I find myself at ease in any situation. Whenever I think of my great adventure I remember my Mom, her teachings, her way of doing things, her composure. Her manner was simple and gentle. I learned contentedness from my Mother who was able to rescue it from the most difficult of her life’s events. Her sweet smile is always in my mind, as well as her way of being, she was always so kind.

What I learned traveling around the world is that simple people, those who have kindness in their eyes and hearts, those who appreciate every little joy, are the ones who have found the secret of contentment. That does not mean setting your bar low but it means being able to enjoy every day what life gives us, knowing how to look around us, appreciate who we are and be thankful for what we have.

What we own cannot give us contentment. That is a sentiment that comes from the depth of our heart. It is too easy to let it be overshadowed by life that sometimes seems to run too quickly ahead of us.

I have seen children playing with a ball made of rags and have read the happiness in their eyes, I have seen playing, smiling, laughing, carefree children enjoying each moment with their friends.

Do not let a frenzied life take away your contentment.

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