I keep creating dreams. You always have to dream.

“I keep creating dreams. You always have to dream.”
“In all these years I pursued the dream of beauty. I created dresses for women who are the maximum expression of beauty and for men who need the beauty of women to complete themselves.”

1970 – 2010: 40 Years of Fashion
Roberto Cavalli turns forty. A significant birthday tinted with the colors and lights of a milestone year. The Roberto Cavalli fashion adventure begins in Paris in 1970, where the very first show was held. A journey full of ideas, creativity and success, projected into the future.

The Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection evokes a haute bohemian image, extremely feminine, sophisticated, and luxurious but outside the rules of the bourgeoisie.
The silhouette is created through a delicate play of layers that create a loose and unstructured shape.
Tailcoats inspired by high military uniforms.
Coats in tapestry brocade.
Furs, made superlight by the movement of delicate linings, created by assembling pieces of mink, astrakan, pekan, sable, raccoon fin and fox worked together to create a new animalier mantle.
Shirts with a masculine cut made out of a mousseline, crepe de chine and georgette patchwork.
Sarouel pants, embroidered and doubled.
Slim trousers in transparent silk over shorts, worn under structured peplums.
Jumpsuits in crepe de chine lined with a creponne froissé.
Floating dresses in tulle with lasercut embroidered cut-outs and hand painted animal prints with delicate, etched gold lines.
Everything is treated, pressed, washed and cut, for a used and lived-in effect.
The color palette plays on neutral tones, from taupe to nude through the entire range of beige and faux blacks with a hint of antique red.


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Finally I managed to create my own Blog!

This is my way to feel close to you, to talk with you, to listen and advise, to share with you my successes and sometimes my problems.

Do you think you know me? Do you think you know everything about me? I will show you that maybe I am as you dreamed but like all humans I have my weaknesses. I also have my dreams.

We’ll talk about fashion, of course, since fashion is a philosophy of life we share which takes us away from life’s little daily problems. When you’re well dressed and feel good about yourself it is easier to face the world, its risks and see its opportunities. Embracing fashion will change your life!!

We’ll talk about this wonderful world which our very mindsets are bringing low. We’ll talk about your problems, whether you are young, or old like me. How to combat violence and how to gain respect by respecting others.

I will try to make you smile, not with fairy tales but with real stories of my life. A long life, full of emotions and adventures. I am here to prod you, to help and encourage you. Do not forget that I love you!
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