Roberto Cavalli, The Success of the Excess – 40th Anniversary – Interview on Rai2 TV

Roberto Cavalli is celebrating the 40 years of his brilliant career.  In this interview on National Italian TV RAI 2 he recounts and reveals his artistic career showing a fine  balance between success and excess, his relationships with the most famous international stars and a personal regret.

Enjoy ….

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Color is my life

Fashion is color and vice versa.
It is difficult to imagine Roberto Cavalli’s creations without those wonderful, subtly nuanced, hues that that make his colors unique.
There is a relationship that binds color with our moods, our feelings, our  inmost sensibilities themselves that we wish to convey when we decide to wear a certain color.
But what are Roberto’s favorite colors?
“… It depends on my mood. Sometimes it depends on where I am, sometimes I adore and love red, sometimes the yellow when I am in the country because the yellow that is with the green and around me I say, “Fantastico!” I love the turquoise when I am in my boat and around me you have the light blue, the dark blue, and I say, “My God, I love this special turquoise combination.” I love the combination of colors. Color is my life.”

The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is the place where Roberto Cavalli creates his works of art, clothing and accessories to make you feel beautiful, admired, elegant and sensual.
Roberto Cavalli’s office is located on the outskirts of Florence, not far from the 14th century tower, which is his home.

Florence, the cradle of art, is where Roberto finds the inspiration for its natural creations as he is telling us: “Florence is such a special city. I travel a lot, today I am here, tomorrow maybe in London or Paris or New York. New York is a city where I feel more excited, sometimes I say New York is like a drug it gives you so much energy, but afterwards I need Florence, I live to come back here.
I need to continue to breathe art, the air that is in Florence, to walk in my city, to walk in my streets. It’s so charming — Pitti Palace, the Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo’s David. That is Florence. I love it.”

Roberto’s office is plastered with pictures, and he loves being surrounded by memories: every object tells a story.

The office leads directly to the “black room”, so called because of the characteristic black tile floor. It’s the place where technology merges with artistic inspirations from all over the world and new creations are born.

Next is the printing room, where colors blend with fine fabrics to produce beautiful colorful fabrics that will go to the master tailors.

Past the printing room are the Master Tailors who hand-sew each piece. Here the magic is complete and the fabric is animated as if by an invisible model which emphasizes the preciousness of the printed fabric.