36.The Day After…

Roberto Cavalli @ FW 2012/13 Fashion Show

Roberto Cavalli @ FW 2012/13 Fashion Show

36.The Day After…
Forgive me if I abandoned you but you were always in my thoughts.
The show was a great event, a great success!

In retrospect, I would like to have seen it with you, with you all! I love your compliments; your judgments are a beat I hear continually inside my heart when I think about you.
Without you, I would not be anybody, you the ones who decree my success, your word of mouth has grown and expanded like wildfire!

It all started with my first show.
In the late 90’s I would not have thought it possible. I knew I had a brilliant idea that young women would really love. The idea was to highlight the forms of their bodies, at a time when fashion sought to hide them together with their femininity!
I made my first printed jeans out of a new stretch fabric that wrapped the butt and legs like leggings.

After that? I make you really discover the red carpet and the allure of creating for the biggest Stars.
Some of them, the most important, approached me. They understood that I loved the woman’s body and that I liked to accentuate sensuality.

I started to create special dresses for each of them.
Their satisfaction and joy fired up the adrenaline to create and bring forth new ideas!

Unfortunately this great satisfaction was taken away by big brands.
Jealous of my success, instead of creating beautiful and sexy dresses they have begun to influence the stylists of the most famous with attractive deals.

The Oscars have been brainwashed by those brands that have the economic means to buy the taste of the actress.
The recent Oscar night coverage was followed all over the world unlike the big after-party organized by Vanity Fair.

Many actresses have walked the red carpet wearing major brands dresses and then changed clothes to attend the various parties, which have followed the ceremony. They were sexier, more sensual, more special at the parties!

Roberto Cavalli FW12/13 Finale

Roberto Cavalli FW12/13 Finale - Click on the image to see all the photos

Well, my show has been very successful, I cannot describe it, I can only tell you that Naomi was wearing the last outfit for the final walk down the catwalk and she was wonderful! She was greeted with warm applause.

I believe you’ve been on my website or on YouTube to follow the Fashion Show live! Do you like it? Please let me know…
I would like to know if it was able to evoke your emotions…

Un bacino grandissimo
Roberto Cavalli