450. An infinite love for animals and nature to convey to our children.

450. An infinite love for animals and nature to convey to our children.

When my children were young I built a huge aviary. I then bought colourful peacocks, white peacocks, regal pheasants and various species of duck. Every morning I looked for the eggs, which were usually well hidden in every corner of the aviary. I also bought an incubator with special lamps that emitted the required heat. The hatching of the eggs were great emotional moments for us!  We spent hours looking for even the slightest movement in the eggs that would prepare us for the arrival of a new-born. It was not easy to keep them alive and this made us love them even more.  It made us feel more emotionally attached to them and responsible for them.

I loved to explain all these things to my children. I liked to encourage them to love animals, nature and everything that the countryside offered us. I then added more German shepherd dogs and my first blue and yellow parrot, followed by a second one, red and yellow. Parrots, what odd birds! They have great intelligence and they bond with one single person. They get attached to the place where they live.  They can become sweet and eat delicately from your hands or even from your mouth with that huge beak that can be so strong and sharp.

I love animals and when they get attached to me I return their affection and pay them a lot of attention.  Every animal understands this and, even though they may have a natural fear in the beginning, with patience a true friendship always binds us.

I could have become an animal trainer.  I love them and being around them.  Animals are instinctive, natural.  The emotions they show are true.  I love their instincts, their truth which we find in abundance in our own young.

Do you have a pet? Is it a dog, a cat or… something else? What have you learned to love? What has learned to love you.


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440. A Birthday with the Angels!

rc-birthday440. A Birthday with the Angels!

Every birthday is special, but this year I celebrated a very special birthday… my children and grandchildren have literally surrounded and overwhelmed me with all their affection!

I want to thank you all for the nice messages I received! It took me a while to read them all but it was very pleasant reading… thank you!

The years pass by, they pass for all of us and leave the inexorable signs of their passage… but they are not always a bad thing… in fact, quite often they are a great life teacher!

How many things have I learned over time, how many life experiences have I had?  Sometimes I think it would be wonderful if we could transfer our experiences, our knowledge to our children, to our grandchildren as we transfer photos from one computer to another…

But maybe not, maybe we all need to build our own lives through our own experiences, our own mistakes, our own successes using the free will God so kindly gave us.

We should all discover the artist within us… because we are all artist, each and every one of us.  The difference lies only in the fact that we do not all have the perseverance to try, to experiment and discover our talents. Never stop trying, failures are part of life. Success stories are full of failures. How many times in my life have I started from scratch… how many times have I searched and found the way to solve seemingly impossible situations?

And that’s what I want to transfer to my children, to my grandchildren and to all of you… never stop believing in yourselves and in your abilities because this is the path for each of you to follow to create your own way in this great adventure that will be your life!

Discover the artist within you… look around and learn from nature. It has millions of years of experience…

Do not ever stop studying and learning new things. What today may seem unnecessary one day will help you solve a problem.

Surround yourself with love, because love will be the beacon of your life.


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429. Tests of Summer…

BZODIAC429. Tests of Summer…

A fast flight in the helicopter to transfer from Monaco to Sardinia.

I want to check the maintenance work on the Bat-Zodiac.  Summer is here and this year I want to discover the Mediterranean again!

The SNO Yachts shipyard in Olbia took care of the Bat-Zodiac lovingly and very professionally.  Every boat needs careful maintenance. The Bat-Zodiac, with its hydro jets propulsion system and its particular construction, is like a high performance, thoroughbred sports car.

And as in the case of a sports car, to get the maximum performance, everything must be perfectly aligned and meet specifications. Including the sophisticated on-board computer systems which allow you to have all of the boat and navigation data at your fingertips at a glance.

There is a special bond between the Mediterranean Sea and me.  Every time I return to the boat I feel happy: a feeling of calm and peace takes over everything…

I put myself at the helm, turn on the engines and suddenly I feel at home… it’s been almost a year since the last time I set sail and I feel as though time has stood still since then….

The reassuring roar of the two engines reminds me of two foals prancing before a race…

Today is a perfect day, the sea is calm, a gentle breeze makes the heat of the sun a pleasant caress.

I leave the port and head out to sea… the boat responds perfectly to my commands, to my touch… navigation is pleasant and I decide to push the engines to the maximum… the feeling is strong… the hull is lifted from the water… a sudden force propels the Bat-zodiac forward… I’m literally “flying”, planing over the surface of the water!

I suddenly turn and the Bat-zodiac responds to my commands in a precise way, like a colt that can perceive and anticipate the demands of the jockey…

I am thrilled, I am alive!  I cannot wait to start another adventure in the Mediterranean…

Un abbraccio…


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Bat Gommone Front

Bat Gommone side 2