Easter by Roberto Cavalli

Unmistakeable personality, taste and style characterize the Easter of Roberto Cavalli. For the occasion, the brand has created special chocolate eggs, for sale at Caffè Giacosa in Florence as well as the online store www.caffegiacosa.it.

The Roberto Cavalli chocolate eggs were made with a precious selection of cocoa seeds and characterized by the animalier print, the symbol of the Maison: the chromatic tones of the diverse types of chocolate have been used to recreate the coat of zebras and giraffes.

On the online store www.caffegiacosa.it, one can purchase the eggs starting at a quantity of 140 grams, while at Caffè Giacosa one can choose from a large range of creations, from 50 grams to 2 kilograms. Enclosed in each is a precious gift by Roberto Cavalli.

All pastries offered at Caffè Giacosa have been made by master pastry chefs following the traditional recipes of Italian culinary art.

The high quality of the products and the particularity of the packaging render the Roberto Cavalli chocolate eggs as unique and prestigious gift.

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