Laetitia Casta and Elisabetta Canalis: testimonials for new Roberto Cavalli advertising campaigns

I chose Laetitia for my advertising campaign mainly because it has always been the beauty of real women that inspires and entices me.  Her gaze and her joyfulness, together with her sensuality, are able to give a special image to my bag, which, in its curves and the softness of its form, continues to remind of the purity of the female body.”
Roberto Cavalli

The new Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2011 advertising campaign features Laetitia Casta as its exceptional muse in a photoshoot wholly dedicated to the Diva Bag.
The Diva Bag is the overall protagonist. Seduction and positivity, united in a fashion-focused image, are emphasized by the vivacity of the background colour, contrasted with the natural colours of the clothes that have been created with processes serving as a hymn to Florentine craftsmanship.
Roberto Cavalli has devoted his creative passion to women, making them stars in their own right. The woman who chooses to wear Cavalli has an innate ability to seduce. The lights are always focused on her: she is a Diva.
The ‘Diva’ Bag marks a decisive turning point for the Cavalli fashion house toward the creation of a high-end, ‘haut de gamme’ range of accessories. The bag embodies the characteristics that make the brand’s style stand out and gives women a chance to wear – not only through the clothes – the dream and beauty that the Florentine designer has created over the last 40 years.