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Daniele and Roberto Cavalli are pleased to present a special video version of the Roberto Cavalli Men’s Spring / Summer 2012 runway show, held on June 18 against the stunning backdrop of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan.
The video was created by Stefano Lorenzi, who has directed and written the screenplay for many short films and documentaries based on social issues, who collaborated with Daniele to create an insight in which sounds and images give a profound depth to the magic of the show. Stefano, approaching the project with the perspective of fashion world outsider, created a unique perspective, by adapting cinematographic techniques to a fashion context.
Jon Kortajarena, an icon of charm and masculinity, is the protagonist of this video.
The introduction gives an enhanced insight into the intimacy of the male ritual of dressing, before an encounter, in which the tailored suit is a means of bestowing full of confidence and self-awareness.
Through images and sounds the director brings this ritual to life for the viewer’s experience. The sound of his skin on the soft leather loafers, the rustle of his jacket over his shirt, a belt being stretched at his waist: images that represent the substance and essence of the garments.
Each runway look is captured through a sequence of photographic moments, completing the vision of the total look of details such as embroidery, the working of the leather, the finishing of the fabrics. The model and his outfit are analyzed, investigated, studied and appreciated through a cinematic vision.
The soundtrack for the video was created exclusively by the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, who worked directly with Maison Cavalli to mix an original track that best expresses the mood of the collection.
A vision, a dream, a fusion of different art forms: the Cavalli man collaborates artistically with both established and emerging art-forms, to create a new, original viewpoint.