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436. Autumn: Season of Rebirth…

Roberto Cavalli436. Autumn: Season of Rebirth…

An explosion of colours, smells, tastes… This is Autumn, my favourite season… together with Winter, Spring and Summer…!

I love all the seasons!  Each has a specific task, each one takes us to the next one, each one has its own rhythms… I’m a Scorpio and Autumn is my season, one that I share with Libra and Sagittarius.

I regard Autumn as the season of rebirth.  In Autumn, Nature is getting ready for Winter.  The cold season starts, the days get shorter, we tend to spend less time outdoors and focus more on study and work.

In Autumn we make the plans that will be put into practice in Spring and Summer… re-organizing our ideas, working on new projects.  The calm of Autumn fosters creativity and concentration.

I’m definitely in love with this season… the chestnuts crackle merrily on the fire… a glass of mulled wine… Lupo dozes on the carpet near me and occasionally moving his legs as he chases after some kind of a dream…

The best place to enjoy the Autumn? Cavalli Island!  Here Autumn plays on its home ground! The colours that this place gives us are truly unique… the temperature, the atmosphere work to create their own palette of colours, a unique perfection!  Artists over the centuries have represented the Autumn in all its glory, but here it is really different… at Cavalli island Autumn surrounds you, envelops you, engulfs you completely… with a sweet, warm hug…

Suddenly the calm is all around me, the quiet drives my thoughts, my mind is now focused… the vision is clear… the ideas begin to crowd my mind… in perfectly aligned order…

Autumn is the harvest season, the plants give us their fruits to make way for the new buds… this is the way in which Nature and all that surrounds it is renewed… and the cycle begins again, in an endless circle we call Life!
Welcome Autumn!!

But tell me. Where are you?  What is Autumn like where you are?  What are you working on, what are your plans?

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402. I photographed everything I liked…

Roberto Cavalli402. I photographed everything I liked…

I photographed everything I liked, everything that intrigued me.

Then, when I returned to Florence, I shut myself in my darkroom for hours and hours, developing and printing. I had built a real photo studio in an outbuilding in the garden with all kinds of imaginable equipment.

In my print shop where I was printing on fabrics, I tried to achieve the same effects with the fabrics that I was getting with my photos! It was a game, endlessly fascinating, but a hobby that while it amused me it also offers me an insight into what could be accomplished and help me in the future.

I ended up with a huge photo archive, full of ideas for my future collections.

I slowed down the pace of my work to allow myself more time with my family. We devoted ourselves to our private life, though I never really stopped thinking about the evolution and changes I could make in my companies.

I was slightly falling out of love with my work, but I was not sure what was wrong and what to do. In a way I was glad not to have to submit to the new rules of fashion, they were beginning to make everything too organized, too politicized.

I didn’t like the routine and the new turn of events that was taking over fashion. Industrialized processes were accelerating more and more and this was ruining creativity.

It was as if I refused to be part of the system and want to remain a young, creative designer with freedom without limitations.

The same person who had refused to take the exam at the Academy… I grew up on the street like many young people of my time there and I wanted to go on living! A nomad. A free spirit whose soul was his own despite his successes. A hippy.


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392. Friendship is a beautiful feeling, in some ways… it’s magical!

Roberto Cavalli392. Friendship is a beautiful feeling, in some ways… it’s magical!

Friendship is understood and perceived as an equal relationship based on respect, honesty, trust, esteem and mutual availability.

Throughout my life I have travelled a lot, both for work and for my inexhaustible desire to learn, to explore… Travelling allows me to meet many people all over the world… so many friends who have also become my reference points…

We keep in touch through the telephone, the most classic way, but also through messages and social networks… but nothing can replace the pleasure of meeting them again in person… spending pleasant moments together…

It can happen that we do not see one another for some time.   My schedule does not always coincide with theirs… but as soon as we meet again it seems that the time in between never existed…

Friends are precious, irreplaceable, special… the people who work close with me have become my friends.  Friendship is a deep relationship, involving feelings which, if betrayed, can hurt more than any other… because in friendship, as in love, you give everything, unconditionally…

The fantastic world of fashion allowed me to know all sorts of people and so enlarge my circle of friends and acquaintances.  With many of these people was born a relationship that went far beyond a mere professional relationship.  In addition to a common passion for fashion, a beautiful friendship has developed…

I’m fascinated by the world of social networks, the Internet. I like the way you can interact with other people. There are no more geographical limits.  The fact of sharing my thoughts and receiving your comments is unique and incredibly satisfying.

If I think that all this has existed for a very short time.  I cannot imagine what the future holds.  We are facing a major transformation and the fashion world will inevitably be involved.

We are only at the beginning…

Un bacio…


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