123. Cavallo, the Most Beautiful Island in the Mediterranean!

Roberto Cavalli @ Cavallo123. Cavallo, the Most Beautiful Island in the Mediterranean!

If you do not believe me you should check it out for yourself… a natural paradise… a large swimming pool with salt water… the color of the water is indescribable… tour agencies try to attract customers by evoking the colors of the Caribbean islands or the islands west of Africa…

Cavallo has no rivals! It is Corsican… French territory… but full of Italians… At first it was difficult… about fifteen years ago, with the early development and the attempt to create a new small Costa Smeralda…

The Corsicans did not always react well to these new developments and there were reprisals against some of the buildings occasionally involving the use of explosives! Perhaps they were right… part of the mistake was in not using local labor. These difficulties lasted several years…

The construction of the buildings was entrusted to Italian companies, often clumsy and ruthless, which did not always have an easy life and some came to a very bad end!

Then the situation became even more complicated… the first beautiful villas built on the island were owned by Italian politicians or middlemen, many of whom where involved in the Italian “Clean Hands anti-corruption investigations” in the late eighties.

Cavallo Island

Cavallo Island

Cavallo almost became a refuge for many but its special beauty turned the focus away from these people to the island’s God-given beauty…!

At that time I had a small boat with two cabins and I was persuaded to buy a place… a moorage in the small boat harbor under construction… the port was never completed, but those few square meters of sea that I bought made me happy…

The Bat-Zodiac - Cavallo Island

The Bat-Zodiac – Cavallo Island

Each year I spent the month of August with my family camped in the small boat dock… that wooden dock, resting on a strip of sea between the cliffs smoothed by water and wind, has witnessed my children growing up… Daniele and Robin learned to swim in these natural paradise pools! Rachele matured into a fine young lady in the beauty of this natural setting…

Cavallo Island

Cavallo Island

Roberto Cavalli with Lupo @ CavalloCavallo is an island of freedom… only small electric cars are allowed on the island… young people can run around with many friends of the same age… and, even if they shouldn’t, use these golf carts to get around the island… driving them as if they were Ferrari’s!

An island that makes you forget everyday problems, away from television and politics… Cavallo is a magical island!

Un bacino grande…

Roberto Cavalli