70. This Morning I Booked a Limousine Early, at Ten O’Clock…

70. This morning I booked a limousine early, at ten o’clock.

Roberto Cavalli Textile Souk - Dubai

Roberto Cavalli Textile Souk - Dubai

Excuse the “early” but when I’m on holiday my schedule changes along with my habits… eat … sleep… “Not thinking”!
Our desire is to visit the various Souks (markets) in Dubai.
The textile market… gold… silver… spices… many others.

I have never described the traffic in Dubai before, but it is unbearable!
I have only seen anything like it in Bangkok and Kiev.
The disorganization creates intolerable traffic jams. Even the air-conditioning cannot make these trips pleasant!

Dubai extends both in length and in width – an eight-lane highway in each direction through the city. Many skyscrapers in different materials… architects from around the world have been able to give vent to their imagination.Souk Dubai

The Oriental lifestyle… interesting, fascinating… crafts… machining… engraving of metals… beautiful hand embroidery… We start with an exploration of handcrafts, a world of its own among the souks of Dubai… textiles and embroideries.

The fabric market is in the east part of town. I though I would find a classic market not particularly organized with lots of products spread out on benches. None of that! Hundreds of interesting shops, with windows that display colorful silks, elaborately embroidered, worn by mannequins in various poses! We stop at the store that seems the most special… most colorful.

Textile SoukAt first, I am confused. These colors, this embroidery does not belong to my fashion world, my culture… then next, as I absorb the colors… the embroidery… the prices… I lose my mind … I buy everything!
I am sure that when I see them again in Florence, they will look different… the charm of the Orient makes everything look so unique, so exotic!

My second stop is at a shop that is selling local costume jewelry, beautiful necklaces… bracelets fit for a queen… brilliant… rubies… emeralds… everything seems to ring true! I buy several items, I can use them for certain applications such as evening wear!

DubaiThe return trip to the hotel takes more time, I will use this time to tell you more about this strange city! To my right, the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa 160 storeys – 2,723 ft, in my opinion nothing special, rises to the sky like a long needle. It doesn’t resonate with me, it doesn’t strike a chord. The thirty middle storeys, are being used by Giorgio Armani for an Hotel and a Night Club

In the distance I see the Burj Al Arab Hotel, that looks like a sail… on the sea… but not completely… the only seven-star hotel in the world… it wraps around a huge aquarium entrance… ten beautiful girls in oriental costumes welcome you… the rooms are nice… exaggeratedly golden… huge canopy beds…
The pool is very big. To get to the beach you have to use a Golf Cart!

I can tell you a story on every skyscraper that flows past in front of me… each one has its own distinct feature… some are beautiful, others ugly!

Perhaps now you understand, Dubai is a big fascinating city… going from one extreme to another… a city where money has the upper hand… on the culture… the taste… the art…

A city of today, which leaves nothing for tomorrow…

Tomorrow, before returning to the collections, I’ll describe my last day in Dubai…

Roberto Cavalli