143. My First Collection with Diamonds…

Roberto Cavalli143. My First Collection with Diamonds…

I refer to my first collection of high quality watches manufactured in the wonderful Franck Muller atelier.

I should have dared and given more space to the Cavalli animal print logo and pushed my thinking: “the excess is my success…!”

A beautiful collection that has received the compliments of all the agents of the Franck Muller maison and the wealthy ladies invited to the big event!

The evening was “magnificent”, as was Franck and the entire organization, impeccable.  The most beautiful room in the Hotel de Paris had been carefully decorated for the evening and for the dinner.

There were over 500 guests. I was charmed when Franck Muller introduced me to all the guests with wonderful words expressing his admiration!

Rachele - Joseph - Stephanie - Daniele

Rachele – Joseph – Stephanie – Daniele

I am happy.  To my right, Eva, more beautiful than ever in a Cavalli’s tuxedo that enhances her charm and her great elegance. To my left, my daughter Rachele, she is wearing a long dress with black sequin embroidery that wraps the body cleverly forming the silhouette of a hungry crocodile!  My son Daniele, the youngest member of our family in our company, with his beautiful girlfriend Stephanie.

Next to Eva is Frank Muller in the company of his young and beautiful wife, then Mrs. Monika Bacardi, wife of the emperor of alcoholic drinks.  Carol Ascher an elegant lady who belongs to the most special and wealthy family of Geneva adding to the lustre of our table.

Three rock singers, a great classical pianist and a magician who blew a piano while he played frantically! An evening of fun – full of great energy!

GRAND FINALE with a big cake to celebrate and say out loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA!  A great chorus of good wishes… Eva was pleasantly surprised.  Her sweet smile expressed all her joy.

Franck Muller - Eva Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli

Franck Muller – Eva Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli

Another special day… a new emotion…

Roberto Cavalli
Hotel de Paris

137. F A S H I O N   W E E K  IN   M I L A N

Just Cavalli Spring Summer 2013137. F A S H I O N   W E E K  IN   M I L A N

I decide to attend the casting of JUST CAVALLI. I need forty beautiful and sexy girls, it is not easy, most of the models who come from the agencies are a little too skinny!  It is the first time I do not trust anybody but myself.  I want to choose and decide for myself!

The fitting keeps me busy all day.  Before the fashion show I am nervous… the stylist – the person who assembles the finished garments to create a modern look which could be appealing to the most demanding journalists – is not interpreting what is in my head and the ideas that led me to create these garments for the fashion show.  My work is more concentrated in the design rather than the styling… I love the colors and I try to create fantasies as if they were paintings that I want to exhibit… the beautiful girls wearing them are the beautiful setting that makes my creations come alive!

Roberto Cavalli BlogThe fashion show is a great success!

JUST CAVALLI has suffered in recent seasons due to the change of the licence.  Before, JUST CAVALLI was licensed to ITR and now is licensed to STAFF-INTERNATIONAL.  Because of the difficulties we had with ITR in the past I decided to devote a lot of personal attention and love to the JUST CAVALLI collections!

Just Cavalli Boutique MilanoOn the JUST CAVALLI runway we had six male models and one of the models is the boyfriend of Sharon Stone, Martin.  A very nice guy, polite and… young!  Sharon would have liked to be present at the fashion show, but because of jetlag she decides to rest and come that evening for the opening of the new boutique JUST CAVALLI in Milan.

For the occasion, we closed the entire street and we decked it out like a disco. A stage housed the DJ and the big stars who made it a thrilling evening with lots and lots of music for “US”, the young!

Eva Cavalli - Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli - Martin Mica in Roberto Cavalli @ Just Cavalli Boutique Opening 21-09-2012 Milan

Eva Cavalli – Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli – Martin Mica in Roberto Cavalli @ Just Cavalli Boutique Opening

I arrive at the party around 9 pm with Sharon and Martin.  Corso Matteotti is completely blocked by fans and a young crowd who also want to attend the party.  We are escorted by six bodyguards… they accompany us to a kind of VIP-SECTION they have created in the middle of the street.

Sharon begins to feel claustrophobic… too many people too close around us, jostling us so that even I do not feel entirely safe.  I try to protect Sharon who calls to Martin to get her away from the crowd.  I am concerned only for her…  I feel more comfortable now… we have succeeded in getting out and now we can “see the stars…”

Just Cavalli Boutique MilanoI duck back into the boutique… gradually the crowd begins to diminish… many girls are asking me to take a picture with them… tomorrow I will definitely be on Facebook… it cost me very little to make them happy and I am doing it with sincere spontaneity…

…to be continued tomorrow!

Roberto Cavalli

73. Marta and Eva the Elegant Queens of the Costa Smeralda…

thumb Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

73. Marta and Eva the elegant Queens of the Costa Smeralda…

We were invited to each and every dinner… beautiful villas and stunning boats… a world unknown to me. I enjoyed the novelty and it was a pleasure to see Eva able to show off her beauty wearing the clothing we had created just for her.

A few days before the end of the holidays, in consideration for all the kind invitations we had received, Eva decided to organize a party at our villa. It was a perfect place to which we could invite all the people we had met during the 20 days in Porto Rotondo.

Eva and I have a great quality, which is also a drawback – we do not know how to do things simply! What we do has necessarily to be “extraordinary”. Eva likes to organize and to exaggerate and she is brilliant at it.

I organize a van with many, many fabrics… lots and lots of pillows… lots and lots of everything that we can bring from Florence… lots and lots of things that we have in storage and often use for the fashion shows.

Two nights before we had been invited to a wonderful party that Roby Girombelli had organized for the launch of a perfume. Roby introduced us to her friend who had helped her to organize her large, successful launch party, Lele Mora! Lele found a DJ for us and helped Eva in setting up our party.

The beautiful green grass is half-covered with pillows… colorful… zebra prints… thousands of candles… all sizes… a unique atmosphere… rivers of Champagne… a night for all to remember!

This party, organized in just five days, immediately becomes the most beautiful party of the summer! Everybody is talking about it. Those who were invited considered themselves very lucky! The holidays were over. Our first VIP holiday, with the VIPs!

The following year we rented the same villa. Eva began to organize the materials for the new big party as early as June! Tomorrow I will tell you about it.

I wish to make you dream… you are all invited to my party… August at the Cavalli’s villa… Porto Rotondo…

Un bacino…
Roberto Cavalli