72. Today Is an Indescribable Day…

Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

72. Today is an indescribable day…

Rain and cold, gray weather that forces you to keep the lights on. I’m sitting at my desk trying to improve what I have done so far for the collection. It’s like doing a review of what you have already studied in an effort to see what is missing, what you missed the first time.

I create… I think… try to concentrate…. turn off the phone so as not to be distracted.

Sexy? Sure, it’s a collection for the summer and who loves Roberto Cavalli, knows that I love the WOMAN. I create for a woman that I desire!

Special? Certainly new… it is not easy… sometimes it seems I have already created and done everything… put on some music… it helps me not to feel empty!

I think it’s better to tell you about some flashback of my life. I promised to tell you of my holiday in Sardinia, about my parties that became a MUST of the summer. Everyone wanted to be invited, to be able to say “I was there too.”

I do not remember exactly what year, in the late 90’s. I remember that I had sold the boat that we used in August to go from one small port to another. Eva and I had gained the sympathy and friendship of Marta Marzotto. She loved the colors of my fabrics and I created some beautiful kaftans just for her. Martha has always had a particular liking for Oriental fashion.

Marta told us about the Costa Smeralda and her home in Porto Rotondo. We had never been to Sardinia and so we were persuaded to rent a beautiful villa near her. The villa was surrounded by a large lawn that extended down to the sea, a paradise of the Costa Smeralda!

For us, Sardinia was a novelty, a villa for rent… new friends… Marta was the real Queen, the most beloved, and with her we were introduced to the most beautiful villas and invited to the most exclusive parties.

At that time I was not the affirmed designer that I am today, but Martha introduced us with an affection and enthusiasm that made us feel important! Lunches… dinners… parties…

I realized that I was neglecting my children, I played with them much less than when, with a small boat on which I was the only captain / sailor and cook, we sailed from one port to another. Each beach was a beautiful playground!

The Costa Smeralda was proving addictive. I liked it, everything was new, but I felt out of place, I wondered how I would continue with, what for me, was a make-believe life.

I miss the sound of the sea … the wind ruffling my hair … the cold shower I get while sitting in the bow… the sun, reaching the horizon, spraying the sky with a red and orange… each time the emotion sends shivers up my spine…

This is the beginning, my first contact with Sardinia.

A domani con un bacino…
Roberto Cavalli