161. Italian Primary Elections, Democratic Party, Former Socialism

Roberto Cavalli161. Italian Primary Elections, Democratic Party, Former Socialism

Former Socialism. I am a nostalgic. I was proud to put the cross on my first ballot.  ITALIAN SOCIALIST PARTY.  

I have never liked the extremes of thought.  Communism has always been a Left dictatorship just as Fascism has been a Right side dictatorship.

I always thought that socialism represented equality in the right quantities that every citizen deserves – true Christian thought.   However, the Catholic Church has always kept away from this Socialist ideology because it considered Socialism too left-wing and therefore not favorable to its own best interests!

Under the Second Republic we were made to live fifteen years of fascism.  Fascism was not openly declared but it definitely proved to be the case by the brainwashing that the Italian television offered us daily.

WHO IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME!  We lived under this motto of Mussolini’s for the last fifteen years.  Many laws were passed that only favored those who ruled and not the poor Italian citizens who were being ruled!

Many years of unnecessary quarrels… many years spent talking about who should manage and direct the tv station networks… or how to keep out of prison those who ran the government, to avoid a bad image for Italy.

The Primary Elections… are a strange game, considered democratic, with no risk of corruption in the election of the Secretary of the Democratic Party.  “Democratic Party” – a name given to a dying socialist ideology – in an effort to use a term internationally recognized that should help them suggest their distance from the Right.

All five candidates are hoping to be the new Berlusconi.  A new Berlusconi but without television networks.  It will be a hard life.  It means the return to real politics, to a political knowledge that we have lost in Italy – or perhaps, it was dead and buried with Bettino Craxi! (the former leader of the Partito Socialista Italiano)

englishAMBITION, a lot of personal ambition… only ambition… and who is to care for the Italian people?

At an early age, when asked what they wanted to do for a living, the politicians answered “TO BE THE PRIME MINISTER, LIKE BERLUSCONI!”

I believe that politics and the roles of “Minister”, or some other important position, focuses attention on you so you are given a false respect by those around you.  I do not want to talk about the economic side, that depends on the honesty of each individual.

Only two contestants are running now and they show from what they are saying a false sense of political reality. They are wonderful actors on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I look forward… with anxiety and curiosity… and I would say: “May the best man win”, but this is not just a competitive sport.  

This is Italy and politicians should serve the best interests of all Italians.  

Italians must learn to run and win against adversity.  
They must try to win a race that every day they delay is getting harder and harder!

Un bacino grande a tutti.

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    I believe politicians need to do a great effort to regain respect and trust from citizens. Mr Cavalli: don’t you honestly think that the institution that lovingly takes care of orphans, widows, the elderly, VIH, xenophobia and domestic violence victims, and of those affected by Alzheimer -to mention a few of the people it benefits, only- is the best example of a socialist institution, we can all think of? This does not exclude it has made huge mistakes in the past that it needs to stay away from if it wants to survive; in order to keep complying with it’s natural and multi secular -and absolutely necessary-mission.

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!
    Le primarie….il candidato “premier”….ecc. ecc. Ma che roba è?
    La Politica….la politica….Io mi ricordo da Piccolo, gente come Pertini, lui si che era un vero politico, un vero Presidente della Repubblica!!
    Una volta un filosofo disse che “Ogni popolo ha il governo che si merita”…..Verissimo!
    E’ anche vero però che la gente è stanca, e qualcosa “stà” davvero succedendo….
    Se ognuno, nel nostro piccolo, si desse un pochino da fare per migliorare questa società, probabilmente al governo non ci sarebbero questi delinquenti…..!
    Un Abbraccio.

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