162. My Adventure…

Roberto Cavalli

162. My Adventure…

Perhaps I already mentioned that three years ago, maybe four, I began to write the story of my life.

Looking back on the events of my life… year after year… moment by moment… many things have happened to me, many others I have created… the many wonderful people I have met… I would like to leave a reminder to anyone who knows me and loves me… and to those who do not know me, so they can love me!  I decided to call it “My Adventure”!

I neglected so many things and so many important moments and for this reason I will never be able to finish it.  I read it… I add to it… I talk to friends… many small important facts are coming back to my mind…
Often, I cannot wait to get back to my computer to continue… My Nokia Communicator helps me to take notes on the go…

I often wonder why I’m doing this and if I will ever publish it…

At school I was not a great student… I am having fun with my blog… but writing a book, on such a complicated subject as my life, seems really presumptuous!

I talk to friends whom I respect and sometimes I let them read few pages.   I like to know their thoughts!  I always get great compliments. It is often difficult to rummage through their remarks for sincerity.

My difficult childhood… my indifference to formal studying… the beginning of life… my first loves… then, the desire to demonstrate…

I like to leave you with a desire to learn more… Tomorrow I’ll be back with you with the adventure of my life…

Un bacino grande!

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli !
    Sono sicuro, anzi stra-sicuro che i tuoi amici hanno ragione….:)
    Sinceramente e personalmente sono molto, molto curioso di leggere ciò che hai scritto.
    Devi avere avuto un passato davvero singolare ed avventuroso, per avere un grande “presente” come stai avendo……
    E sono sicuro che il futuro sarà……ancora meglio! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

  2. Gaby Ghorbani
    Gaby Ghorbani says:


    I normally don’t read blogs or have much time to do so, but I truly enjoy reading you thoughts, your sincerity and passion it’s easily felt in your writings. I will say.. go for it! You never know how many people you will inspire.
    keep writing!
    Gabriela (from the Maldives)

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    I am very thrilled about reading your memories. From what I have read you have said here and there, yours has been a fascinating life. Being a self made man is the best that can happen to any human being. Those origins you have mentioned so much were the solid foundations that have transformed you into the extraordinary human being you are: generous, down to earth and unconventional.

    I believe the grandness of a human being is in proportion to his/her ability to remember where He/she comes from. Fourteen years ago I heard Geraldine Chaplin (a great actress and a superb human being) say that her father never forgot his very humble origins. He would tell her when he sent her air tickets to go visit him in Switzerland something like ” Geraldine, are you aware of how lucky we are that I can afford buying air tickets for you?” In one occasion Mr. Chaplin was invited to a banquet and they sat him and his wife Oona in front of an English marquis. He was amazed that the humble boy he had been had the opportunity of being seated next to a marquis in an official banquet, and he told his wife with thrill: “Look, Oona, a marquis”.

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