229. My adventure as aged fisherman…

Roberto Cavalli229. My adventure as aged fisherman…

A long time ago, about 1200 years ago… I spent my holidays in Castiglioncello with my first wife and my first child, Cristiana. To pass the time back then I decided to dedicate myself to fishing… I organized myself with everything you need, fishing lines, hooks… From the local fishermen I tried to learn the various methods and techniques to take home a little fresh fish…

At the beginning, I decided to use the “trammel”, a fishnet that you lay the night before and you pull up early in the morning! Very enjoyable, I invented new methods that allowed me to take home a lot of fresh fish… but the fishermen in the area soon became jealous of my luck and forbade me to put the nets into the sea by quoting a local law I cannot even remember…

I had to find other solutions!

Then I started fishing with the “bolentino” technique, a nylon thread that you lower into the water on one side of the boat… I use a bait that is difficult to find “the shrimp trawler”, a small transparent shrimp that remains attached to the nets of fishermen as they trawl!

I also find the way to catch tasty lobsters… In the morning my wife gives me the order, as if I were going to the fishmonger! “A Rockfish for the kids… and a big fish for us to roast…”

Four days ago, I went back to Castiglioncello in the Bat-zodiac and the first night I dreamed with open eyes and with nostalgia of those times… I seemed to experience the beginning of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso!

Yesterday morning I decided to try once again the thrill of fishing… I sent Gianni to nearby Livorno to find the miraculous bait, “shrimp trawler” which is now really hard to find….

At the crack of dawn Sandra, Gianni and I left for the “seccone” [shallows] of Vada. I still remember the point, at the Faro di Vada, Vada Lighthouse, point to bow to 240 degrees towards “Poggio Pelato”… I also rely on my sophisticated electronic equipment, including a depth sounder, that detects even the smallest fish…!

Once at the point we lay down our lines and we look forward to catching some fish… at 11a.m. our hopes turn into despair… we console ourselves with… “We’re having lots of fun… ” or… “At least we’re getting a suntan…”.

A large fishing boat approaches us slowly… they are pulling up the net that they have laid down the night before, our anchor has entangled their net… it takes all the skill and strength of Gianni to get out of this unpleasant situation…

I talk to the captain of the vessel (who knew me by reputation…) and I tell him… “1200 YEARS AGO I WAS FISHING IN THIS AREA… BUT TODAY WE ARE HAVING NO LUCK…”

“OF COURSE, IT IS OBVIOUS, YOU MUST KNOW THE RIGHT POINT… ” replied the captain… he disappears for a few seconds… then he reappears with a piece of paper on which he writes the coordinates of good fishing spots at depths of 70 meters and 100 meters…

Well, I thank him and after freeing his nets from our anchor I enter the coordinates in the GPS… latitude and longitude… and we head to the first point, depth 70 meters, the most suitable for the length of our anchor chain.

What happened is that a little angel helped me to have fun and be successful…

My hopes have not yet taken shape… but once we drop our lines into the sea I immediately begin to feel the fish biting, I understand that I must not despair… I feel that we will catch some fresh fish!

Sandra is the first to pull out the first minnow, a Parago of about 200 grams… We begin to scream with joy… as if it were a hundred pound Tuna… “THE USUAL BEGINNER’S LUCK…!” we exclaim with a little jealousy in our smiles…

The second Parago (also called bream, a white fish with pink streaks… great to grill…) takes Gianni’s bait…

Wow… ! Just me… the one with airs of a fisherman, the one with so much experience… I have not yet even felt the satisfaction that comes with a nibble.

Then again Sandra… a discreet silver fish of the bass family, not big, but very tasty… We continue to scream with joy… My screams are the least sincere…!

FINALLY… it’s up to me… two fish in one fell swoop… I begin to smile like the others!

At three in the afternoon the fish remaining in the bottom of the sea are now satisfied with our shrimp and decide to go to sleep… we give up when there is now no longer any small sign that reveals their presence…! Eighteen fish for a total of maybe three kilos…!

We head towards Capraia island where we arrived about 40 minutes later. We are eager to taste our prey, confident in their freshness and provenance…!

I explain to the chef of a restaurant I know how I wish the fish to be cooked and at 9.30 PM sharp we started to taste the fish that made ​​us smile… delicious…

Even Sandra, who is a strict vegetarian, tasted and enjoyed a dish of spaghetti with a great sauce made with the fish from the Vada Lighthouse…!

My dear LOVE… this post is perhaps been too long… but when I begin to write my wish is to make you relive my emotions… I like to imagine this post as a transfer of my emotions to you…

Tomorrow I will be in Florence… bad weather is espected for Monday and my duties require me to be back in the office…



Roberto Cavalli



Il Faro di Vada

Il Faro di Vada



Pagello Fish

Pagello Fish

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Giornooooooooooooo Sign. Roberto

    o che mi combina !!!!! i pesci ormai so moderniii….preferiscono Hamburger al gamberettoo :DD…

    Io l’ho scoperta da poco la pesca e rilassante e divertente!!!…poi un Gentleman da sempre spazio prima hai PRINTIPIANTI,NOO!!!! he e poi il Pagello si combina perfettamente ai suoi cuscini Leopardati e tutto perfetto anche nella pesca !!!!!
    LEI MI HA FATTO EMPZIONARE!!!!!!…grazie ancora di rendermi partecipe delle sue meravigliose avventure é una gioia immensa.

    PS:allora io Cosa devo dire io….ieri é andata mia Figlia (Luisa) a pescare e come dice lei I PRINCIPIANTI!!!! ..ha pescato una Trota Salmonata di 2 Kili e mezzo al primo colpo ;D

    Spero di rincontrarla un giorno.

    Con Affetto
    Marí 🙂

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Mi hai fatto sorridere con questo racconto, mi è piaciuto leggerlo mentre mi immaginavo la scena…. 🙂
    E poi il punto “Sandra è la prima a tirare su il primo pesciolino, un Parago di circa 200 grami… Incominciamo a urlare di gioia… come se fosse un Tonno da cento chili… ” è il pezzo meglio secondo me!
    Son contento che vi siate divertiti….. 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

  3. monica
    monica says:

    Caro Roberto ,siamo lo staff del ristorante che ha avuto l’ onore di cucinare il vostro pescato..leggendo questo post ci hai trasmesso le bellissime emozioni della vostra splendida giornata e ci siamo anche emozionati perché ,anche se per poco,anche noi abbiamo partecipato alla vostra avventura …ed è stato speciale!! Un abbraccio dolcissimo a te Sandra e Gianni.

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