263. My story, my adventure – My first fashion show in the Sala Bianca…

Just Me Roberto Cavalli263. My story, my adventure – My first fashion show in the Sala Bianca…

Dear friends, have you already read my book? Have you read my adventure…?

” … The following season they invited me to the fashion show at the Sala Bianca. The “Sala Bianca” of Palazzo Pitti in those days was pure myth. Founded by Giorgini in the fifties to counter the hegemony of French fashion, it was the place where all the great tailors showed their creations from Fabiani to Roberta di Camerino, from Galitzine, to Ken Scott, to Lancetti, to Valentino, to Mila Schön, to Pucci and Giorgio Armani.

In the mid sixties Haute Couture had moved to Rome while Florence kept the Prêt-à- Porter. For me, however, that invitation was not just another unexpected dream, it meant the launch of my name and my official consecration on the Italian fashion market.

Everything was moving so giddily and in the right direction. And so success led me to show my creations in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti. Florence, my city, certainly was then the capital of Italian fashion and shared the world title with Paris.

In Florence were all the offices of the buyers of largest American Department stores. The Marquis Emilio Pucci was the true international attraction. He was a true legend and his shows in the famous Palazzo Pucci were a dream for the whole world. It was not just a fashion event but a social event. A true celebration that was repeated every six months. Florence reached its peak in those two events of internationalism, thanks to the guests of the Marquis. All in all he was the centre of the system. The beginning of his descent was, in fact, also the beginning of the end of Florence as a fashion capital.

The Sala Bianca fashion shows were held in the spring and fall. Each was an event that brought international press and buyers together. For me it was all new. It was a rhythm that gave no respite between a fashion shows. It thrilled and scared me at the same time. I saw the great designers. Young beautiful models ran from one show to another to dress up and be sent onto the catwalk. The time allowed was the same for all the designers, apart from slightly more time to those considered most interesting and driving. There was a lot of glamor and the charm of the event was indisputable. The models during a fashion show were changing their dresses at the speed of lightning. They were all Italian. Italian beauty, so famous throughout the world and a source of pride for the country, had not yet been influenced by the passion for foreign models. Shortly thereafter there was a trend towards foreign models, alternating Swedish, American then British and today models from Eastern Europe.

My Fashion Shows, however, so different from all the others for fantasy and colours, fascinated and won applause. My fashion was spontaneous, as spontaneous was my attitude. It reflected my character, my exuberance and my madness. Yes, because every time I thought I might not make it, I threw into my collections all the energy I had to create something unusual… unique. I wanted to impress. I had no mental superstructure. I did not have to account to anyone. I was free, happy and unconscious. I did what I did, I made it up all by myself and there was no one to tell me what to do. I was free to think, free to act and also free to exaggerate

That was my luck. Everything was so simple and true … ”


Roberto Cavalli

Sala Bianca - Palazzo Pitti - Firenze

Sala Bianca – Palazzo Pitti – Firenze

Pitti Donna


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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir! A beautiful story of choosing your own way and putting everything you had in yourself! From the very beginning, up to now and still going! How wonderful! You have a wonderful day! May God Bless You and keep you in his perfect peace!! Love you, Anna✨

  2. Cavallino
    Cavallino says:

    Concordo con Yana,, il tuo libro è un vero capolavoro… letto 3 volte !
    Sai Roberto sabato sono andato in un locale con un tuo serafino embroidered … pezzo da sfilata … 3.600 euro da listino.. non ti dico come mi sentivo… avevo tutti gli occhi su di me… e quella sensazione un po’ mi intimidisce ma in fondo mi piace un casino… !
    sono nato per essere al centro dell’attenzione e la tua moda mi ha aiutato ad esserlo e a sentirmi importante anche quando a volte l’ autostima non basta….
    Non mi stancherò mai di dirti grazie … sei la mia droga …
    XOXO massi

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Certo che l’ho letto il libro… è mi è piaciuto parecchio!
    E’ scritto come se fosse un’avventura… l’avventura della tua vita….E credo proprio che sia stata (e lo sia ancora) una grande avventura…!
    E a proposito di avventure…. sarebbe bello che la Fiorentina continuasse la sua in Coppa….ieri abbiamo perso con sfortuna, speriamo nel ritorno…!
    Un Abbraccio.


  4. Bruno Henrique Carvalho de Almeida
    Bruno Henrique Carvalho de Almeida says:

    Roberto Cavalli’m amare il tuo blog e vedo che la tua altobiografia già impostato, e credo che sarà un successo, io sono brasiliano, così come tutte le persone che vogliono un giorno per raggiungere il top nel mondo della moda si chiese se la sua biografia si trasforma in Brasile? Sono anche un fan molti anni come si ama rinnovare le loro collezioni ogni volta.

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