262. These are frenzy days…

Roberto Cavalli262. These are frenzy days…

The men’s collection… both the pre-woman collection and the women’s collection… the new mega-boutique in Via Montenapoleone in Milan… these days I think I’ve broken all records dividing myself between Milan and Florence…

Have you ever found yourselves in situations where you have so many things to accomplish and do not know where to start?

It is an ongoing challenge against time… but I love challenges I am passionate about… I like to savor the effect of the adrenaline rush… these are frenzy days, a good frenzy, engaging, a creative frenzy!

It’s something magical.. it’s like a big puzzle that is presented in front of my eyes… I can see the final image through a thousand pieces… I know that in the end, suddenly, all the pieces will click together in their proper position… like magic…

But it’s not all about me, I’m surrounded by great staff… unique people… friends… and, as in a big orchestra, the perfection of the execution is achieved only through the performances of every single musician…

The new collection is almost ready… just the finishing touches, the latest brushstrokes on a new masterpiece! And then styling… fitting… staging… the show itself!

The new five storey mega-boutique in Via Montenapoleone is almost ready! It has always been my dream… five storeys in which to present all my creations… to make you dream… a tribute to your beauty…

Un bacio…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Via Montenapoleone

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir! Sounds so magical! Glad to hear you are full of life and alive and busy! Iove your analogy how here is a Orchestra and the people in it who all do their part to create something magical and beautiful! I know this because I use to play in a real Orchestra playing first viola for a couple of years! Ha! Well anyway you take care and know I am praying for your wellness and that you stay in good health! Love You Anna XoXo✨

  2. Cavallino
    Cavallino says:

    Roberto sei fantastico a spasso con Lupo!!!
    Che bella la nuova boutique in via Montenapoleoneeee ,,, per il mio compleanno urge un saltino a Milano!!
    devo dire che ero affezionato anche a via della Spiga, così tranquilla, ma effettivamente questa nuova posizione è più centrale…. e Cavalli è al top su tutto…. sono orgoglioso di te.. e da 14 anni non mi deludi mai…!!!. ma bischero dove hai messo la murena e l’acquario del JustCavalli.?? anche quella era una figata…. .. 🙂 AMore Puro

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