294. Summer Officially Begins In two days!

Roberto Cavalli294. Summer Officially Begins In two days!

The schools are over and in two days Summer officially begins! I still remember my first day at school… the beginning of a new adventure…

My Mom chose my first black apron and a big red bow tie that was my pride. It made me feel important and great and made me forget about my stuttering.

Despite all the preparations and all the excitement, my first day at school, however, was the worst. A real trauma. I even think it was the cause of many future school disasters.

On that occasion my Mom had to leave for Rome and I found myself having to deal with that first day of school alone. I was the only child to arrive at the Rossini Elementary School unaccompanied by a parent. I was scared and I stayed quiet because I did not want to let anyone know right away that I stammer and become the laughing stock of the other children. I curled up in a corner angry and in a stubborn silence.

I waited for the sound of the bell as a sign of an unexpected salvation. I felt pardoned. I ran at breakneck speed without ever looking back. I wanted to get home and stay there forever. Despite the pleas of my aunt Vanda and uncle Stefano to return to school, I would not go back. I wanted my Mother, and only with her I would return to that school. My Mom arrived, I put that beautiful red bow back on and stepped into the classroom, proud to have my Mom at my side.

My strong allergy to study was clear from the first day of school. I could not sit still, I always had to move and everything attracted my attention. I lived in fear of being questioned, or having to give an answer in front of other children.

When the teacher, Mr. Capocchi, had to go away for a few minutes, the best student, Paolo Bonaiuti, was asked to replace him. He wrote on the blackboard the names of the students who behaved well and those who behaved badly. My name always appeared first in the list of the bad ones and so I invariably ended my day in disgrace behind the blackboard.

Today, even though Paolo Bonaiuti never forgets to send me a Christmas card with the letterhead of the Council of Ministers, as I remember the past, I cannot say that he was very sympathetic. Maybe he was “troppo bravo”.

I was definitely the worst in the class and was so for all of the five years of elementary school and even after. I always had my head in the clouds, not listening and dreaming only about the time when I could go out to play with my friends.
I later learned that exams do not end with the end of school but continue for all your life… my next exam is in a few days… on June 24 for the new Uomo Collection…

I have worked hard to prepare myself for this next exam and I’ll leave it up to you to judge my work…

Un piccolo grande bacio…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli with his sister Lietta and mother Marcella Rossi

Roberto Cavalli with his sister Lietta and mother Marcella Rossi

Just Me! Roberto Cavalli

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  1. MAR
    MAR says:

    Suerte para el día 24, espero que ese día sea muy feliz para tí y que la colección sea todo un éxito; que lo será.
    Tu confía en ti y expresa en la ropa lo que tu sientas, déjate llevar por tus sensaciones, percepciones, emociones… y no te importe, si gusta a un público mayor o menor, lo importante es que al público que le guste sea más exclusivo, más único, más diferente, atrevido, moderno… pero único.
    Y no te tomes esto como un examen que tienes que aprobar. Tu ya has demostrado sobradamente lo que vales, tan sólo disfruta del momento y quédate con las opiniones positivas de la gente a la que le gusta tu ropa y se identifica con ella.
    Piensa que nadie podemos gustar a todo el mundo por mucho que nos esforcemos y que tenemos que ser como somos y hacer lo que sentimos.
    Un abrazo, disfruta de esa día y piensa que ya no tienes que demostrar nada, tan sólo recibe todo el cariño de la gente que irá a verlo, que te sigue y te apoya.

    Hasta pronto, MAR.

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    Hello Sir, Years later, yet another adventure! You’re worked hard to prepare for the Uomo Collection and unlike your youth, your name is on everyone’s list! ‘Lists of good ones!’ I am sure, as usual, everyone will approve of this new colorfull and elegant collection, you’ve put your heart and soul into designing! A total success! One of the most creative and beautiful designer’s of our time! ‘A living✨legend!’ Love you! Anna

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