197. I Invite you to CASA CAVALLI…

Roberto Cavalli197. I Invite you to CASA CAVALLI…

… even with my arm in a sling I try to make my “HOME” as inviting as possible!

At the “SALONE DEL MOBILE” (FURNITURE FAIR) I displayed the complete home furnishings collection that I designed to make your lifestyle as close as possible to my taste, without being excessive, but soft and relaxing with the fantasy of my colors… which can create the difference…

I have proposed a variety of environments and situations such as the bedroom, soft and relaxing! In other situations, I tried to make your life more exciting with silk fabrics printed with my classic designs that I often used in my unique fashion creations!

I rented a studio near Corso Como, Milan’s most artistic area. There I recreated my Florence studio. I have moved every object from my workplace there, including the confusion that sometimes helps me to create and immerses me in my own atmosphere…

In this world dedicated to the home, I presented a sofa, two armchairs and a few Cavalli-designed Murano vases. To make these items more special, belonging to a world of dreams and fairy tales, I’ve painted all of them in pure gold…

I invited all the great personalities of the furniture and design world who have invaded Milan to discover the new trend in home furnishing and design for the next year. Even though I say it myself my idea was timely and brilliant… I received many, many sincere compliments!

Un bacino grande

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

Roberto Cavalli with Marta Marzotto

Roberto Cavalli Home
Roberto Cavalli Home Collection
Roberto Cavalli Home pt2.jpg

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  1. Надежда
    Надежда says:

    Вещи из сказок и грез. Роберто, у вас есть доступ к неземному совершенному миру, откуда вы достаете нам свои творения, и позволяете нам ими наслаждаться. С любовью Надежда из Сибири..

  2. Afra
    Afra says:

    Mr.cavalli , I’m always inspired by your collections !! In my free times i design all kind of dresses & I love your collections ! If you get this , I wanna know if I can send some of my ideas for you !!
    Thanks !!

  3. lucy
    lucy says:

    Dear Roberto! You have created a seductive lifestile world to reinforce your exceptional vision. Everything gleams with waxed and polished perfection. It’s a Gospel truth – you enrich the lives of a mankind, including me after I have begun to take interest in everything you are doing. It might sound notoriously boring and sure as a hell you have been told it not a once, but you were born to soar over the world. Great fortune! I’d like to add that for all your social success you are gifted with a pragmatism and loyality that are rare in our world. Otherway you wouldn’t start talking of making a dress for a torn Italy… I am surprised with your truly gracious generosity. I could speak my mind for ever and ever, but so far that’s it. I love you! Best wishes from Ukraine. Lucy.

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    Roberto, you are an Artist!
    What a great designs, and colours!
    Need to buy your items for my home, I like to feel “cavalli” in my house.

    Love xoxo

  5. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Roberto, you are an Artist!
    What a great designs, and colours!
    Need to buy your items for my home, I like to feel “cavalli” in my house.

    Love xoxo

  6. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Dear Mr. Cavalli I really love the furniture you create. It’s a true masterpiece! It must be too flashy for my taste but it looks av=bsolutely fantastic!
    I admire your endless talent and fantasy!

    Kisses and hugs
    I LOVE U


  7. yana
    yana says:

    ROBEEEEERTOOOOO, ma dove sei? 3 settimane senza notizie, ci manchi!!! meno male che c’é facebook, twitter e instagram:)))) ma non é lo stesso… qui CI PARLI proprio:)))

    ieri ho ricevuto il Roberto Cavalli Acqua come regalo di compleanno… BUONISSIMO, mi fa girare la testa, é come lo champagne per il naso, una cosa che ti ipnotizza, non so come descriverlo… adesso spero solo che mi darai abbastanza tempo per godermi gli ultimi tre profumi “in pace” senza fare uscire il prossimo profumo troppo presto:))))))) ma ho gia capito che non lo farai, guardo molto attentamente le foto su instagram 😉

    Bella, quella poltrona in pelliccia… ma é un materiale cosi delicato, quanti anni di garanzia ha?:))) vorrei sapere come ci si sente su quella poltrona d’estate:))))

    Giorgio, posso chiederti il link per il post “Yana, una mia amica fedele…”? È il mio preferito in assoluto ovviamente:))))

  8. David Newman
    David Newman says:

    These furnishings are just stunning. Beautiful! Can anyone advise how i can purchase some of these items? Especially the lamp.. I have to have one! And the wine glasses.. They are another must have.

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