278. Milan has become my second home…

Roberto-Cavalli-Computer-desk278. Milan has become my second home…

Milan is today the center of Italian Fashion and one of the world’s fashion capitals as well as being the economic capital and major Italian financial market. Milan is a global city and the World Capital of Design.

The Romans called it Mediolanum, which comes from Latin and means “in the middle of the flat-land” – Pianura Padana.

Milan has become my second home. Here are located the offices of my company and here I have recreated a studio similar to the one I have in Florence where I create my collections. I love to surround myself with objects that help me in my creativity and remind me of events in my life. I also set up, in a corner of the studio, a complete photo studio.

The Quadrlatero della Moda, bounded by four streets, brings together the most important workshops and design studios. I love to walk these streets absorbing the energy that is released…

Milan and Florence are two complementary cities, each with its own major history, the one so different from the other… Milan is so industrious and Florence so artistic… a perfect combination!

Here in Milan I have designed my apartment that I share with Lupo, Viola and my feathered friends… which sometimes tend to be a bit too loud…

Florence is about 280 kilometers from Milan. I often cover that distance with my I-OETE helicopter, weather permitting. Crossing the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines requires good weather conditions…

The life-style and the cuisine in Milan is so different from that of Florence… I have learned to appreciate both! When I am in Milan, I often go to the Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club… great food, great music and lots of friends…

I have not yet learned the Milanese dialect, but I am proud of my strong Tuscan accent…

Un forte abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli


Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club

Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club Milano

Lupo and Viola

red and rosita

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir, Well if your going to do fashion you need to be in Milan! Absolutely! But Florence is good place to go rejuvenate your soul! Personally I love Florence! My father’s family lives there! With all your animal pets, it’s beginning to look like a zoo! Ha! Animal kingdom! So glad to hear that your doing well with your divided time! Make sure there is time for riding your boat!! Take good care! Love Anna! ( Chow Baby)!

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Adattando un proverbio madrileno molto conosciuto: Da Firenze al cielo! Milano è troppo industriale per la mia sensibilità. Ma sono una fan di Peck!

  3. MAR
    MAR says:

    Hola de nuevo, que tal le va, ya veo que muy ocupado en su oficina. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo en que Italia está en el nº 1 en cuanto a la moda y la elegancia en el vestir por delante de todos los países. Eso es indiscutible. ah, y en los helados también, son los mejores.

    Bueno le veo muy bien acompañado de sus animalitos, para mí mis favoritos son los loros. A mí me gustaría comprarme una cría de guacamayo azul, pero mi pareja me dice que con los dos que tengo ya está bueno me dice. A el no le gustan mucho porque cuando empiezan con los chillidos no los soporta mucho, pero a mi me gustan mucho, además uno es muy hablador y es muy gracioso.

    He estado mirando las fotos que aparecen en la pagina de Cavalli home y me han gustado mucho las vajillas, son muy originales y juveniles. Me han gustado mucho.
    También me han gustado mucho las alfombras con estampado animal, la de cebra de patchwork es impresionante; y los edredones con estampados de flores y estampado animal son muy frescos y alegres.

    Bueno le dejo por hoy, un saludo desde España y hasta pronto.


  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Hi I would just like to enquire about the price on the robertocavalli home collection bed head? It’s got LEPORD prints on it? & do use deeliver to Australia ? Thankyou.

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