257. A Fantastic Collection!

Roberto-Cavalli257. A Fantastic Collection!

The creation of a new collection goes through several phases. Inspiration and creativity are just two of the ingredients… but two of the most important.

Each phase is important and follows a precise process, there are no shortcuts!

Nowadays computers allow us to obtain results quickly that are unobtainable in other ways… accuracy, speed of execution and total flexibility are just some of the benefits…

But it is in the process of styling where the new collection comes alive… the fabrics come to life… a personality emerges… suddenly the pieces of this fantastic puzzle become the canvas on which I paint my artwork with the colors of the universe…

During the styling we create a thousand different combinations… the clothes and accessories begin to dance with each other intertwining their personalities to create the perfect combination… the colors blend with each other… it is as though we were choreographing a ballet…

A fantastic collection… today while we were styling I was thrilled to see my creations come to life… to see them being worn… it’s a magic that happens with every new collection…

After styling which is the final stage before the Fashion Show, the adrenaline decreases, but only briefly, just giving me enough time to get ready for the big event.

A surreal calm engulfs me… I think of all these months of intense work… the first sketches… the first models just sketched… I consider myself a lucky person, God has given me the ability to create… I call it work, but I confess you that this is my passion…

I will follow the Fashion Show, as always, entering on tiptoe… observing the reactions of the audience from my position in the last row…

Vi abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir! Yes,God has given you much and we Thank him for that! So glad to see your pictures of work and read about your passion for what you do! I pray for you to be in Good Health and may 2014 be the best year ever!! God Bless You!⭐️Love You Anna! XoXo

  2. Quontrall M. Conley
    Quontrall M. Conley says:

    Oh yeah, that’s what a FoShoThang tell me when I use the term. Hello there Quontrall M. Conley here and there are many different types of course, but your right to identify ideally suited who makes the best of reality. Thanks!!! Good looking.


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