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345. 2015 will be a fantastic year!

Roberto Cavalli Blog345. 2015 will be a fantastic year!

Farewell Florence, good morning Dubai!
I have left the cradle of Renaissance for futuristic Dubai.

The impact is strong, in a few hours flight you move from the human size city of beautiful Florence, with its narrow medieval streets and important history, to the modern, futuristic and cosmopolitan Dubai.

After a wonderful Christmas spent with my children and grandchildren, I decided to spend New Year’s Eve welcoming in 2015 at the Cavalli Club Dubai.

2014 was an important year for the Cavalli Maison… the collections, the new boutiques, the openings of the new Cavalli Café, Restaurant & Lounge and Cavalli Club…

In just twelve months, we have carried out projects that seemed impossible in such a short time… praise and thanks to all the people who made the impossible possible! It is such a joy to work with you!

2015 will be a fantastic year! I know, I feel, I have certainty! I have a lot of projects, some nearing completion, and ideas that I intend to develop in the new year…

Evolution is part of my way of being, I am addicted to creativity, I cannot stop creating…

I wish you a great year, I wish you a 2015 that will bring you love, luck and much happiness!

I will see you at the Cavalli Club Dubai to celebrate together the arrival of the new year…


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  1. miluca
    miluca says:

    Your are fantastic . I hope this year to be fantastic to me . I love read you . you are always positive . I hope you invited me to club . thank.

  2. Tetyana Golota
    Tetyana Golota says:

    Hello from Canada!
    I am Ukrainian Canadian who loves great fashion. I adore your designs and I am the biggest fan of your collections. Art in every piece. Went to Miami las summer and visited Cavalli restaurant for my birthday. Loved it!
    Shopped at your Store and was super happy. Especially loved that after loosing 40 lbs, I can wear your creations:)
    You are my inspiration:)!!!
    Wishing you Happy New 2015 Year with more awesome designs that never stop amaze us all!
    Hugs and kisses:)
    Tetyana Golota

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