362. Thank you Milan for another Fantastic Fashion Week!

Roberto Cavalli362. Thank you Milan for another Fantastic Fashion Week!

After another great Milan Fashion Week, I am back in Florence. Lupo, who kept me company while I was in Milan, is particularly happy. I think he missed his garden where he can roam far and wide and keep himself fit!

Throughout the Fashion Week I couldn’t devote much time to Lupo, aside from our daily walks. But he seems to understand. He perceives when I am busy and he finds himself a corner where he curls up. He also shares in the choice of models with me and in everything to do with the last minute preparations before the Fashion Show starts.

Fashion Week is a hectic event, all times are compressed and everything seems to take place at the warp speed of a journey into hyperspace!

I want to thank Milan and all the Milanese who hosted us and allowed us to “occupy” the city for those seven days.

I realize that the Fashion World has a glamorous following with the fashion designers, the models, the journalists, the photographers… for a week Milan becomes the centre of the world… but this also increases the already congested traffic… it becomes impossible to get a table at a restaurant or a room in a hotel…

Nightclubs are busy with the endless parties. Some people have a unique ability to participate in most of them by roaming elegantly from one to another!

But Milan, as a metropolitan city, is always ready to accept the new trends. It welcomed us, as always, with open arms and a big smile!

From May 1 to October 31, Milan will host the Universal Exhibition EXPO 2015. I’m sure it will be a great success!

If you have not visited Italy this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy this beautiful country, la bella Italia!

If you do come to Florence, send me a message and we will have a drink together…


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  1. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:

    What great stories you have on your Blog they are very honest and unique! I would like to meet you in florence since your a role-model to me, if this wish could ever be possible, it would mean a lot to me.


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