264. Roberto Cavalli Vodka… The most Fashionable Vodka on the Planet!

The launch of Roberto Cavalli vodka at Harrods, London on 4 Dece264. Roberto Cavalli Vodka… The most Fashionable Vodka on the Planet!

The most Fashionable Vodka on the planet… sophisticated… elegant… dedicated to the most demanding palates…

When I decided, with my son Tommaso, to create the Roberto Cavalli Vodka we chose to use only the very best natural ingredients to create the first Italian Vodka with exceptional characteristics…

It is produced with the finest selection of wheat grown in the valleys where the South Western Alps meet the Po River.

A soft wheat which, thanks to a higher content of a type A starch, converts the sucrose in a pure form making distilled alcohol cleaner and more enveloping.

The Roberto Cavalli Vodka is produced in the name of the tradition for excellence in Italian distillation.

The water used in the process of dilution flows directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa in the Italian Alps and, thanks to the low content of natural minerals, gives the Vodka an extraordinary quality. The alcohol is distilled with care until we get a perfect, unique taste… one able to delight the most demanding palates…

A Vodka so special needed an unmistakably distinctive bottle, a bottle with a seductive silhouette, appealing, inspired by the courage of those who like “sedurre con il sapore della vita…” [seduce with the flavor of life…]

Have you tried my Special Cocktail?

A cocktail to be enjoyed in “dolce compagnia…” Cin Cin!


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Cocktail

Roberto Cavalli Vodka


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  1. Cavallino
    Cavallino says:

    Ciao ROb! proprio ieri guardavo questo filmato su you tube.. che coincidenza che tu oggi abbia creato il post sulla vodka… siamo telepatici… a me diverte questo filmato… ancora il cocktail non l’ho provato ma lo proverò presto.. magari per il mio compleanno … il 20 febbraio.. se potessi festeggiarlo all’JCHollywood.. mi piacerebbe un casino…
    Ho comprato anche la vodka da 3 litri, oltre ai formati più piccoli… sono meravigliose le bottiglie e le ho tutte esposte in salotto..
    ti voglio bene… un bacio e grazie di esistere… massy


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