265. The Nectar of the Gods…

roberto-tommaso-cavalli265. The Nectar of the Gods…

Today I want to tell you about a story of great passion and love …

Love of nature and its products, a huge passion and an incredible dedication to every detail…

Today I want to tell you about my wine. The Nectar of the Gods is exclusively produced at the Tenuta Degli Dei in Panzano in Chianti…

Several years ago I bought a plot of land with an adjoining farmhouse, one of those typical Tuscan farmhouses…

In this oasis of peace surrounded by the gentle hills of Chianti I had a small herd of horses, a passion I share with my son Tommaso.

Until the renovation of the farmhouse was completed Tommaso was shuttling between Florence and the farmhouse in Panzano which then became his residence.

His passion for horses and the local countryside was something that filled my heart. I saw him happy, always busy with the breeding of horses…

The decision to create a special wine was an obvious decision. We had all the right ingredients… the earth, a perfect exposure to the rays of the sun, and… all the passion of Tommaso!

Tommaso’s passion is certainly one of the most important ingredients…

Nature helped, of course, but the effort was great… Nature has its seasons and its rules!

The production of a good wine is a process that has no shortcuts… it’s a big commitment that requires constant love and attention…

The result is “un nettare di vino”… a nectar of wine… a sensory delight that envelops you. It wins you over from the very first sip…

I enjoy dressing these bottles with the characteristic traits of my fashion… a touch of fashion dedicated to such special wines…

A fine glass of my wine transports me immediately to those Chianti hills, so “dolci… gentili… perfette…”


Roberto Cavalli

tommaso cavalli

Cavalli Collection 1

Cavalli Collection 2

Cavalli Collection 3

Tenuta degli Dei 1

Tenuta degli Dei 2

Tenuta degli Dei 3

Tenuta degli Dei Cantina

Tenuta degli Dei cavalli

Tenuta degli Dei vino

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Si! How amazing you are! Now making wine! The only thing left for you to achieve is to grow tobacco and make cigars! Ha! Maybe we will leave that for Brazil and Cuba! We now can say that you are the most interesting man in the world!

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    CONGRATULAZIONI molto speciali per il risultato ottenuto col vino, e anche per le bellissime foto. Se il vino e così buono come l’olio extravergine di oliva che io ho degustato a casa Sua, posso dire CHAPEAU!!! Lei è il re Midas della bellezza. È per ultimo, ma non meno importante: CONGRATULAZIONI per avere un figlio come Tommasso, che non è soltanto BRAVISSIMO, ma il quale trasmette nel suo viso una grandissima bellezza di anima (soul). Sempre vedo pace e delicatezza nel viso di Tommasso. OLÉ per il babbo e il figlio!!!


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